January 7th
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. I'd managed to escape from Jowston mob boss Tony "The Gardener" once, but now I was back in his clutches, and he didn't seem real likely to let me live again. I tried to convince him that he didn't know what he was dealing with - that his 'allies' were forces outside his control. He pointed out that I sure didn't know anything more, so I shut up..

January 8th
Tony "The Gardener" and a couple of his thugs had taken me out back to introduce me to several interesting persons of the lead persuasion, but five minutes later, I was a free man again, and they were down for the count. The carnage was indescribable. So I won't describe it.

January 9th
I hooked up with the nearest contact I had - ex-vampire hunter Kahn, of the Belmont... erm... Marley family. He said he'd be glad to help out. I'd decided I needed to get some Sage Advice, but I was on the outs with the Sages of Shevat after I'd dug up some info on their wild youth. I'd had enough of trying to deal with dead people, so Tellah was out. That didn't leave many options, but I finally decided to ask Baron Creed, the ex-Greater Devil. I'd done him a favor a few years back, finding out what really happened to Evil Spirit (he went on vacation).

January 10th
Last I'd seen of Creed, he was doing an architectural survey of the tower over Ground Seal, so that's where Marley and I went. Marley may have been looking for Lemon, instead. In any case, we found the whole tower was reinfested with monsters. Marley's arsenal of vampire-killing weaponry worked pretty well for lesser devils, too, we found. Creed greeted us at the top of the tower - seems we'd been killing his guys, who were there on a time-share program with the Grans army. He didn't mind, though. We headed to Creed Manor to ask Evil Spirit

January 11th
Big mistake. Evil Spirit was still mad at me for cutting his vacation short. Rather than give me any clues, he gave me the mental equivalent of a knuckle sandwich and teleported me and Marley straight to Vane... and into the clutches of General Leo and the Daravon Cult of.

January 12th
Fortunately, the Daravon Cult of don't check their dungeons very often. More fortunately, it seems we'd been teleported into the same cell block as my captured pals, Marivel Armitage, Alex of Burg, and Nall. Even more fortunately, the Daravon Cult of also captured a guy named Gilder, and he figured out how to pick the magical locks. Why hadn't they escaped before, then? That was what I wondered... too bad I was gonna find out all too soon!

January 13th
Since we were in Lunar, we were lucky to have exactly five party members - we didn't have to leave anyone to fight for themselves. The usual assortment of Y Burns and Gorems were in evidence, but we took them down without any trouble. But as we were escaping, Dycedarg Beoulve, High Confuser of the Daravon Cult of, stepped out. "If you want to escape, you'll have to Defeat Dycedarg's Elder Brother!" he shouted. Knowing this was impossible, we thought at first we were doomed. But Marley had dealt with the Daravon Cult of before, and he explained the situation. Dycedarg summoned four Iron Gorems, and we fought them to a standstill. Despite repeated castings of the Rich summon, Dycedarg couldn't hold out for long. While the colored lighting of his zodiac stone transformed him, we fled.