December 31st
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. After being sent to sleep with the fishes by Tony "The Gardener," Jowston's most notorious gangster, I was rescued by a passing Manillo and washed up in a whole different world then where I'd started, with no allies and no clue. After drying off, I looked around. Before long, a blue haired kid showed up and started fishing, but he wouldn't talk to me. I had to camp out for the night because I couldn't find a town.

January 1st
I did a quick check of the region, and pretty quick figured out that I was in one of the incarnations of Windia - the trees, birds, and 50 mph winds were all sure bets for it. Trouble was, a temporal paradox has that country split into more different realities than Rikimaru drinks bottles in a day, so I wasn't getting much info. I headed for the capital, but was accosted by a group of fairies who wanted me to build their space station. I told them to put up an engine module and a habitation module, then continued on my way.

January 2nd
I was ambushed by a couple of masked men in the woods. They tried to overpower me, but someone shouted, "D-d-d-don't even th-think about it, r-ruffians!" Of course, by the time the speaker actually got down to helping me, I'd finished off the toughs. We said our hellos, and he clued me in on the local geography. Fortunately, I was in a discovered reality, so I knew where the nearest timespace portal was. My wanna-be benefactor was a party member - I could tell by the little fanfare that played in the background - so I asked him to join up.

January 3rd
We headed to a small fortress on the outskirts of the region, and I used a miniature Time Egg I had bought in the future to open up the gateway. We were attacked by a group of Abysmal inhabitants, but they weren't too tough, and we headed through.

January 4th
I felt right at home with the six person party I could recruit now. It was just like back home. So I went in search of the rest of my allies, figuring on getting together a force large enough to, maybe, just maybe, take on General Leo and get some answers. But FATE intervened and I ended up back in the El Nido Archipelago. We taught the meddling computer to mind its own business, then picked up Serge and Crono, who were also in the area. With the two Silent Deaths along, I was feeling pretty confident. But I still couldn't figure out WHY General Leo had gone bad...

January 5th
We decided to stay overnight in Termina before heading on to pick up the rest of my party members. But during the night, something came up and Crono and Serge had to go. They would have told me what it was, but there's a reason they call those two what they do. Scias and I managed to get back to the Suikoden world the next morning.

January 6th
We've been set up! I don't know how, but Tony "The Gardener" found out I was alive and came after me. Maybe the Manillo talked. Maybe somebody saw us. Whatever the cause, I'm back in his clutches, and it doesn't look like he's going to let me off easy this time...