December 24th
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. My investigation into General Leo continues. After destroying the Timber Broadcasting Station and bribing our way into Esthar, myself, Drs. Lucca Ashtear, Leon Geeste and Mustadio Bunanza were going to pay a visit to Dr. Odine, whose equipment had been found in the hands of the Daravon Cult of. Esthar's mazelike streets and political rallies distracted us, but we managed to find a hotel.

December 25th
Since there was no easy way into Dr. Odine's lab, I liberated a screwdriver and opened up an air duct. I was surprised to find it wasn't big enough for an adult to stand up comfortably in, since all the others I'd seen on major military installations were. Since we couldn't fit inside - I knew I shouldn't have had those Viper Churros when we were in Termina - we sent Geeste to look around. He managed to open the door to the facility, and we snuck inside. Discovering a Save Moogle, we checked out Mognet and set up camp for the night to cure Leon's 'Dusty' status that he'd gotten from several random encounters with Dust Bunnies in the air ducts.

December 26th
(Mostly) replenished by our use of the tent, we proceeded into Odine's lab. The doctor said that he wasn't responsible for who used his equipment, but that, since we were there, we might as well fight a boss battle against his killer android, the Lagurok. Defeating it was easy - it had the abilities of a GF-less Laguna. Odine panicked and explained that he'd agreed to work with the Daravon Cult of to overthrow Esthar in the chaos following the upcoming election, using the Lagurok to take Laguna's place while the actual ex-Prez was off exploring the world. We let Odine go because we didn't want to fight another boss battle, and Ashtear downloaded Odine's files into the now-defunct Lagurok's memory..

December 27th
Ashtear suggested that we use her old travelling companion Robo to decode the info we'd put into the Lagurok's memory. I agreed that this wasn't a bad idea, so we headed back to Guardia. Ashtear plugged the Lagurok memory card into Robo, but since Odine had fiendishly used a Mac to write his programs, we had to find a Mac emulator for Windows 1000 AD. Fortunately, Geeste had one on hand that he whipped up in his spare time, so we ran the software. With the info downloaded, we asked Robo all about it. Seems Odine got pulled into the scam by a guy referred to only as 'The Gardener'. I had my suspicions there, but Robo went on. He said that, as far as Odine knew, General Leo intended to take over the worlds by destabilizing their populations with excessive rumors and bad translation. Robo joined up and we headed back to my very own Suikoden world - we had a date with destiny, or at least destiny's gardener.

December 28th
Farmer Tony "The Gardener" was a notorious mobster back home - his Mole Whacking syndicate had taken over the popular recreation and turned it into a haven for gambling, and there were rumors that he'd also worked with shady cooking organizations to attack the diet of Jowston. I'd dealt with him in the past, though, so I figured his toughs would let me see him. Big mistake. I ended up captured, and the others are in a foreign country.

December 29th
"The Gardener" was working with Odine, all right. He's got some kind of deal with the Daravon Cult of, maybe to expand his Mole Whacking syndicate. I don't know what he's planning, but he stuck me in a pair of cement boots and, after a long ride in a small trunk, left me to say goodnight to the fishes. Good thing Richmond here can hold his breath, because it took almost five minutes before a passing Manillo took me back to the surface. I thanked the fish merchant, who ended up asking for two Trout and a Sea Bass in return for his services. Only after he was gone did I realize that Tony "The Gardener" had dropped me off a lot further than I'd figured.

December 30th
With the other party members gone, more random battles than I can shake my old pal Mr. '45 at, and me lost, things look pretty bad. But I've handled worse in my day, so no need to worry about Richmond here.