October 23rd
Hard-boiled private investigator Richmond here. I began my investigation into General Leo, which I'm calling The 'G' Files, today. After doing a little research on the case, I set out for the location of the last known General Leo sighting - the world of Lufia 2.

October 24th
In transit. Note to self - buy express tickets.

October 25th
Still in transit. Note to self - don't fly Cid Air.

October 26th
Arrived in Lufia 2 world. I started the day off well by getting up early and seeing what the local rumor mill had to say. It seems a flat-haired fella answering to the name General Leo went through here not a week ago. I also heard that the famous new age guru Terra Branford has been snooping around - maybe worth seeing if the dame knows something I don't.

October 27th
I tracked down the Branford dame in an old Tower of Gades. Although some random monsters tried to have me for breakfast, all they got was a knuckle sandwich.
Seems Branford was looking for the same thing I was, because when I first showed, she exclaimed, "Oh, General Leo, I think I understand what you're trying to say." Now that was enough to get old Richmond's mind working, and after the introductions were completed, I introduced her to my question and answer sheet.
It didn't take long for me to realize that she knew something and wasn't letting on, from the way she tried to throw me by staring into space. It takes more than that to mess with Richmond here, so I kept at it until she finally gave up the goods.
Seems Branford has been channelling General Leo for the past year and a half, and he's been telling her all kinds of things. I didn't understand a lot of the technical mumbo jumbo, but the dame seemed convinced I was some kind of 'Chosen One'. She told me to seek out General Leo's dead friends, Aeris Gainsburough and Tellah the Sage.

October 28th
In transit to Rufus Shinra Interdimensional Airport - note to self: ShinRa CouriAir isn't any better.