Welcome, science fans! I, the great Professor Hojo, welcome you to my RPG Inquisitor feature. As a leading expert in the field of genetic mutation, I am eminently qualified to bring you:
Freak of the Week
The Maxscot (Draco Mogilis Chupolin)
Professor Hojo The sixth Freak I have selected is one of my finest creations, a maniacal monstrosity that could only have come from the depths of a truly nightmarish psyche - which mine is. But I digress - I have dubbed this beast the Maxscot - the ultimate mascot creature!
The Maxscot was created by combining the DNA of dozens of normal mascot creatures, from moogles to transforming sub-spirits to kobolds, and the resulting monster is both unspeakably cute and unthinkably dangerous! Anyone who comes into contact with the Maxscot is almost guaranteed to be entranced by its infectious cute-ness!
Originally, I intended to produce the Maxscot as a living weapon, deceptively adorable... until it strikes with ferocious force! Unfortunately, I had neglected to consider that most mascot creatures are extremely weak. Attempts to crossbreed it with a behemoth were... not satisfactory.
On the other hand, ShinRa made more profits from the sale of Maxscot-related merchandise than from weapons and electricity combined, so it was not a total waste.
The Maxscot
The Maxscot