Welcome, science fans! I, the great Professor Hojo, welcome you to my RPG Inquisitor feature. As a leading expert in the field of genetic mutation, I am eminently qualified to bring you:
The Deadly DuPon (Tuponilus Duluhus)
Professor Hojo The fifth Freak I have selected is the creation of my good friend, Cid VI, prior to his brilliant work with Espers. This creature was the result of his attempts to create a cybernetic Tupon. (Incidentally, I will take this opportunity to correct an error common outside the scientific community: Mr. Chupon is a member of the species Tuponilus Familiaris, hence the different name for the Red Materia of my world - clearly not a translation error).
But to return to my colleague's work. Tuponi are astoundingly resistant to cybernetics, as their bodies have a remarkably marshmallowy, indistinct consistency. So why not, Cid VI reasoned, combine a Tupon with a Dullahan - an animated suit of armor with nothing inside it?
This proved entirely successful, and the DuPon was the result. Half-Tupon, half-Dullahan, it was an invincible fighting machine with the advantages of both! What a triumph!
Unfortunately, the DuPon was entirely uncontrollable, and sneezed away most of the city of Vector before it was restrained. Still, what is a few billion gil in property damage compared to so superb a monster?
The DuPon
The DuPon