Welcome, science fans! I, the great Professor Hojo, welcome you to my RPG Inquisitor feature. As a leading expert in the field of genetic mutation, I am eminently qualified to bring you:
The Mysterious Chucobo (Chocolis Chupolin)
The third Freak I have selected is a monstrous creature created not by a mad scientist such as myself but by mere nature. Although a variant on the common Chocobo, it is a largely unknown beast found in only a few isolated mountain lairs. Fortunately, I was able to obtain one of these prized creatures for my research.
The Chucobo, sometimes erroneously called a Pink Chocobo, is a crossbreed between a Red Chocobo and a Chu-Chu - according to conventional wisdom. But this genetic anomaly cannot be explained by the conventional scientific method, especially as Red Chocobos and Chu-Chus do not naturally co-inhabit any known world.
It is my belief that, far from being a radiation- or magic-induced crossbreed, the Chucobo is actually the common ancestor of both the Chu-Chu tribe and the modern Chocobo! This is doubly likely considering that the Red Chocobo is often considered the 'original Chocobo' from which other strains evolved!
Chucobos are difficult to capture, as they are resistant to conventional lures and are capable of growing to gigantic sizes. They are also extremely aggressive creatures. However, using a 'Fei Fong Wong and the Contacts' CD, I was able to subdue one and bring it to the lab for testing. Its escape destroyed much of Midgar, but the data I recovered was worth it!

The Chucobo