Welcome, science fans! I, the great Professor Hojo, welcome you to my RPG Inquisitor feature. As a leading expert in the field of genetic mutation, I am eminently qualified to bring you:
The Astonishing Behemoth Lee Black (Billius Magnus)
For our second freak, I have decided to showcase an example of what you can do with just a little ingenuity, a small seven figure budget, and a very evil mind! The freak, the 'Behemoth Lee Black', was created by my good friend Dr. Odine as a hobby project, to answer the pressing need for a large, lumbering monster with funny bangs.
The Behemoth Lee Black was created by crossing the DNA of a Senior Behemoth with that of ex-Etone William "Billy" Lee Black. Cybernetics were added later for extra effect. The creature which resulted is roughly the size of a normal Behemoth, bluish in color, and sports unusually pronounced bangs. Its tail is equipped with a built in bow, always green.
One unusual side effect of this procedure was the creature's atypical behavioral patterns. Alone among the Behemoth species, the Behemoth Lee Black will always attempt to employ weapons, particularly firearms of various kinds, rather than its own natural weaponry such as claws and teeth.
A more advanced subrace, the Intangir Lee Black, is not shown.

The Behemoth Lee Black