Welcome, science fans! I, the great Professor Hojo, welcome you to my RPG Inquisitor feature. As a leading expert in the field of genetic mutation, I am eminently qualified to bring you:
The Incredible Cactonberri (Cactusius Pugilius)
Our first Freak is one of my personal favorites, a twisted genetic mutation of my own design! It is the Cactonberri, or, as my colleague Professor Cid VI calls it, a Pugtrot. I designed this astounding creature to incorporate the best of two of everyone's favorite enemies, the Tonberri and the Cactaur.
As any adventurer knows, the Tonberri is perhaps the most dangerous of all randomly encountered monsters. Its rock-like skin grants it astounding levels of protection from both physical and magical attacks, and it can easily kill with a single blow using its Chef's Knife! Needless to say, this is a creature which holds a particular fascination for me. Unfortunately, this wonderful creature moves very slowly, often resulting in victory for its victims.
Something had to be done.
With that in mind, I captured a live Tonberri and spliced in the DNA of one of of the world's fastest and most agile creatures - the Cactaur! The resulting monster has all the advantages of both its ancestors - the Tonberri's strength and toughness, and the Cactaur's speed.
Unfortunately, although it is easily capable of wiping out entire metropolitan areas within a few short hours, the Cactonberri seems to have inherited the Cactaur's timid nature, and it is generally unwilling to do more than hide in caves, waiting for an adventurer to confront it. Its usefulness as a weapon of mass destruction is therefore limited.

The Cactonberri
or Pugtrot