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MG: "That's just it, though. I applied for a contract early on, and haven't gotten any word back since. I don't think it's particularly fair. Look at Denim Powell, who lead a smaller-scale guerilla war in another part of the continent a few years ago. He got into the RPGP quickly and easily, but I've been waiting all this time for my shot."

JP: "Don't be too envious of him. To be honest, strategy-rpg characters haven't been faring well in the RPGP as of late. What can you bring to the battlefield to make a difference?"

MG: "Well, I'm skilled with a sword and can hit hard and fairly often. Plus, I can cast a variety of spells and magical blasts depending on what weapon I'm using, even including some healing magic."

JP: "So, what weapon do you prefer to use?"

MG: "When I need pure physical attack power, I use the Sword of Fafnir. But when I need an edge against more evil monsters or some strong white magic, I use the holy sword Oracion."

JP: "I'm sure that makes you a worthy fighter. But tell me, wouldn't you feel out of place in single combat?"

MG: "Well sure, I'm used to leading large armies. I think even having one partner would give me an edge, since we could cast combination magics. But except for the bonus matches at the end of every season it looks like the RPGP are still only one-on-one, so I'll just have to do my best for now."

JP: "Alright. How about your comrades from the war? Do you think they would make worthy participants?"

MG: "Oh, I've had so many strong allies, I don't even know where to start. My father Ankiseth, my friends Dio and Leia, and Zenobian veterans like Gilbert and Debonair are all great tacticians and powerful fighters. But above all I'd have to recommend Destin Faroda, the hero of the war against the evil Zeteginean Empire. In fact, you really should be interviewing him instead."

JP: "Yeah I know. But he's not exactly known for his personality, so an interview like this would be difficult."

MG: "That didn't stop you from interviewing every hero in the Dragon Quest world..."

JP: "Hmm, you got me there. Uh, to quickly change the subject, I have a few random questions for you that will hopefully get the readers to relate to you better."

MG: "Okay, shoot."

JP: "First, what are ogres like up close and personal? Your campaign was the first time in the recorded Ogre Battle Saga that humans confronted them again."

MG: "They're big, unpleasant, and smell foul. They are also very strong and annoying to hack through to get to an enemy leader. I managed to recruit one into my army, though. Looks like even demonic killing machines can be charmed by a little 'Love and Peace.'"

JP: "Interesting. Now, I just gotta know... What's with the sash?"

MG: "What about the sash?"

JP: "You never take it off. I mean, there's a million better pieces of armor you could be wearing instead of the sash."

MG: "It's a security sash."

JP: "...Uh huh."

MG: "Hey, things get stressful when you're a general. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to hold onto a sentimental object. My father has a blue sash, and his father before him did too."

JP: "I see."

MG: "And it's fashionable too. Goes with my outfit."

JP: "I'm sorry I asked... One last question, though: What do you hope to accomplish in the RPGP?"

MG: "Mainly I just want to get the fans behind me. I guess being a revolutionary leader made me obsessive about what people think of me. So win or lose, I'll put on a good show and fight for what is right."

JP: "Well said. Good luck with your future battles."

Magnus Gallant
Magnus Gallant