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JP: "That was all you, huh?"

DF: "Now, the time has come to take matters into my own hands, and claim the Playoffs as my own. And you are going to help me!"

JP: "Uh, listen, I'm all for bringing more ultra-powerful villains into the RPGP. But I simply don't have that kind of sway in this promotion."

DF: "Hmph, what are you good for then?"

JP: "Well, I can at least get the word out about you. Usually, the better known a contestant is, the faster they get in and the better they do."

DF: "Are you implying that there are those who do not already know my power??"

JP: "Yep, sadly it seems the majority of people don't know anything about Phantasy Star, in fact."

DF: "What!? And they call themselves Earthmen? How absurd! Bring these fools before me so that I might rend them asunder with my dire arms."

JP: "Uh, after the interview, okay?"

DF: "Very well. Be sure to remind me."

JP: "Yeah, sure, I'll do that. Anyway, on to the interview, as it were."

DF: "Ask your questions, mortal. But beware of those answers which you cannot face!"

JP: "I think you make a better villain while silent..."

DF: "How dare you mock the embodiment of evil?? Listen kid, in five thousand years I have had three goddamn speaking lines. You will show respect for my elite sinister dialogue which I spent so much time on!"

JP: "Whatever you say... Anyway, I know from my own experiences in Algol that there have been many beings that were referred to by the name 'Dark Force.' Which one are you?"

DF: "Ha ha ha! You think I can be defined in such terms? The mighty entity you see before you is nothing but an extension of a greater entity, a Profound Darkness that exists in time and space beyond your mortal comprehension. Every thousand years, I gain enough strength to push through the seal and wreak havoc in this mortal coil. I have already taken millions of lives and destroyed an entire planet. It is only a matter of time before I destroy the Algol star system and break the seal completely!"

JP: "That's all very well and good, but you didn't really answer my question. What I meant is, which incarnation will be the one you would use in the RPGP?"

DF: "Ha, I have no need to choose! I know well the unwritten rule of the RPGP: Beings who have multiple forms and multiple appearances may use any and all of their powers."

JP: "So it would seem. Well, let's go over your abilities, then."

DF: "I can attack several times at once, and I cannot be evaded. I command all the most powerful techniques in the Algol star system, from healing spells to the powerful matter-destroying Megid. I can envelop any mortal's soul and force them to take any damage dealt to me. And best of all, I can turn anyone evil instantly with my gaze, causing them to betray their allies or simply cower in fear,"

JP: "Of course, you're saving the best for last..."

DF: "Yes! My final power is the Black Energy Wave. Even those strong enough to survive the initial attack die within hours, as their body and even their very soul rots from within, only to rise later as the undead under my sinister command. There is no defense against it, and no cure."

JP: "Sounds nasty. Is it contagious?"

DF: "Quite so."

JP: "I have to say though, your latest incarnation isn't as impressive as all that. In fact, there have been hundreds of would-be heroes from all over the world, yours truly included, lining up at the Hunters Guild on Pioneer 2 to test their skills against you."

DF: "Ha. That is a mere fragment of my essence, left sealed away on an abandoned worldship. However, that was merely another of my perverse plots to restore my strength. While you cretins believed you were out to defeat me, you were in fact competing with each other. This simple struggle soon lead to stealing and killing amongst you all! One visit to Oberon gives you proof positive: I am a part of you all."

JP: "Not only that, but you've got them paying by the month for it."


JP: "One last question. Would you recommend any of your minions for the RPGP?"

DF: "Ah, yes. Lassic would make an excellent entry. He was my first true servant upon my arrival in Algol, a former noble king turned completely evil by my power. By the way, would you like to try on this completely normal suit of black and red armor?"

JP: "...No thanks."

DF: "Very well. Also, my latest servant Zio would be undefeatable in the Playoffs. Calling upon my power, he can erect an impenetrable barrier of dark energy, as well as attack with the Black Energy Wave."

JP: "That's it for the interview. I hope you're satisfied enough not to devour my soul or something."

DF: "I will never be satisfied until every world in the universe is filled with screams of war and suffering, and the suns are blotted out by smoke from burning flesh, and the-- HEY! Where do you think you're going?"

Abruptly concluding the interview, this reporter used the telepipe he had saved for just such an emergency. Tune in next week for another (hopefully less disturbing) Forgotten Warriors!

Dark Force
Dark Force

Dark Force
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