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JP: "I really have to wonder: Does the RPGP really need another blond spikey-haired swordsman?"

CA: "I'm not like those other guys!"

JP: "Yes, you have a headband."

CA: "Not just that! I have talent, too. I practiced hard at the kendo school every day, and during my adventures I picked up a lot of great sword skills."

JP: "Yes, they look very familiar too. Your world was made by the 'Tria' creator gods of Star Ocean fame, correct?"

CA: "That's right. But our world was made first!"

JP: "True. I'm sure there'll be a lot of comparisons between you and Ratix, not to mention Claude."

CA: "I guess we have a few similar skills. But I'd say mine are as good, if not better! I practiced my basic techniques lots of times and eventually was able to make them into Ougi combo techniques. And once I got this special charm, instead of just using a few techniques per battle, I could use all of them. "

JP: "That's your special charm? It looks like a Super Famicom controller..."

CA: "It looks like a what in the what now?"

JP: "Uh, never mind."

CA: "I'm no stranger to the coliseum either. With this Super Whatyousaid accessory and all my different attacks, one-on-one battles are a cinch for me compared to other fighters. I have skills to boost my strength and even heal myself too."

JP: "What are you using for a weapon these days?"

CA: "Well, I can use axes and spears as well as swords, but I think the Eternal Sword is my best weapon. Not only is it strong, but it has power over time and space."

JP: "Ah, plot device weapons are always a plus. Now, would you recommend any of your companions for the tournament?"

CA: "Sure, everyone in my party in fact. Take my best friend, Chester. He doesn't have any techniques, but he has an amazing crossbow that somehow does more damage than my sword! Mint is a great healer and has a lot of spells that stun enemies, but I don't know if she'd like single combat that much. Arche has great attack spells, including Meteor Storm. Plus, she can fly around on a broom where no one can reach her. Then there's Klarth, the summoner. His monsters aren't as impressive or as powerful like in some other worlds, but he can call a lot of them and very quickly too."

JP: "How about your arch enemy and self-titled 'god of war,' Dhaos?"

CA: "Ugh, no way. Dhaos is an arrogant jerk, and has cheap attacks. I'd rather not see him in the prestigious RPGP."

JP: "Alright. I'll put the word through to the powers that be. Good luck getting into the playoffs."

Cless Alvein
Tales of Phantasia's Cless Alvein