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NH1: "I believe so, but let us make haste. I must use the time I have here to berate the young ones about the good old days."

JP: "Understood. First of all, it's been about 15 years since your adventures. How are you holding up?"

NH1: "I hath fared better in my adventuring days.... I ought not to speaketh of this to a stranger, but Gwaelin doth drive me crazy. She unendingly asketh me inane questions to which I cannot answer nay."

JP: "Ah, yes. I can relate."

NH1: "As thou must know, we did divide our kingdom amongst our three children. The result is that there is nary a thing to do in our own castle but to spend, what doth she call it, 'quality time' together."

JP: "Hmm, I see. I heard you are interested in the RPGP."

NH1: "Verily, anything to get out of the house."

JP: "But don't you think your strength and magic are a bit... outdated?"

NH1: "Perhaps, but I ne'er had want for anything more than what I had. Besides, canst thou name another hero who saved the world entirely on his own?"

JP: "I guess not. That kind of self reliance is critical in the Playoffs."

NH1: "As I thought. Now please excuse me whilst I lecture the young folk. And feel free to interview my children."

JP: "Alright. May fortune smile upon thee."

I soon found Erdrick's descendant's son, the Prince of Midenhall, near the snack bar.

NH2: "Hey, you must be that reporter. I saw you talking to my dad."

JP: "That's right. ...Wait a minute, why don't you speak in 'ye olde style' like your father?"

NH2: "It's true that I heard it all my life, but I didn't exactly talk very much during my adventures. So I guess the accent didn't stick with me."

JP: "If you say so. By the way, I forgot to ask while he was here, but why didn't he give you or your siblings names?"

NH2: "Beats me. We always thought he was a little weird like that. Maybe it's tradition."

JP: "I see. Well, let me get to the point. A lot of heroes from the DQ world have been complaining about being left out of the famous RPG playoffs. Why do you want in?"

NH2: "Because no one remembers us. Legends only die if they're forgotten."

JP: "That makes sense. But do you think you have what it takes?"

NH2: "Sure, why not?"

JP: "Well, you don't have any spells or abilities..."

NH2: "Yeah, I basically just fight. But with Erdrick's legendary equipment, that's all I needed. I left the spellcasting to my brother and sister."

JP: "Well, I hope it's enough should you get into the RPGP. Good luck."

After hearing about Erdrick so much, I decided to go find him!

NH3: "My name's really not Erdrick, you know. That's just what the people started calling me here after I defeated the Archfiend Zoma."

JP: "Well, that at least explains why someone with a name was invited to the Nameless Hero convention."

NH3: "My companions were invited too, even though I named them when I recruited them."

JP: "Ah. By the way, you seem to have started the trend of ridiculously young heroes, isn't that right?"

NH3: "You could say that. I was only 16 when I saved the world."

JP: "But apparently you died just as quickly. You know, according to a tombstone in Elfland, you are dead."

NH3: "Damn those Light Warriors..."

JP: "Well, you can always take it out on them in the RPGP."

NH3: "Yeah, that would be fun. I think I would stand up to the competition pretty well too. My healing spells are some of the best there are, and my lightning magic is pretty strong too."

JP: "I agree, but aren't your descendants using all your equipment?"

NH3: "Nah, that was just stuff I used until I upgraded my gear. I still have the Sword of Kings and Armor of Radiance."

JP: "Well, it looks like you could go a long way in the Playoffs. Good luck getting in."

Next, without stopping to wonder why I was running into people in such a convenient order, I came across the fourth Nameless Hero! Eager to talk with someone involved in the Playoffs, he granted me a short interview as well.

JP: "If I'm not mistaken, you were the first man to be dubbed the Legendary Hero."

NH4: "That's right. I was just a young kid from a small town, and then some monsters showed up and killed everyone. The next thing I knew, some people I never met were calling me the legendary hero, following me around everywhere, dragging me through dungeons and a floating castle, and killing some big demon named Necrosaro who just came out of nowhere.

JP: "I hate it when that happens. By the way, where are your companions?"

NH4: "All my companions had names, and some even had personalities, so they weren't invited to this summit."

JP: "Ah."

NH4: "Yeah, I didn't even need to bring the horsecart with me."

JP: "So, you want in to the RPGP, right?"

NH4: "Of course. What else is there for a washed-up hero to do?"

JP: "But it's a grueling competition. Think you have what it takes?"

NH4: "If you've talked to the artist formerly known as Erdrick over there, you should have a good idea of my abilities. My own spells, along with the Zenithian weapons and armor, make me pretty powerful. I can even use the Zenithian Sword in battle to double my attack power."

JP: "Alright then. Good luck getting a contract."

I then proceeded to find the next Nameless Hero, who stood out from the others. Rather than heavy armor and a sword, he wore a robe and staff, and was hanging out with a group of slimes. The odd smiling drops of muck seemed to recognize me and immediately demanded interviews. However, I had only enough time to question the hero.

JP: "People say you are the most unique among the other heroes. Care to comment?"

NH5: "I guess they're right. For one, my adventure began when I was very young, and didn't end until I was married and had children. For another, I'm not a hero by trade. I'm actually a Monster Hunter. My son, who is also technically nameless, is the real Legendary Hero."

JP: "Does that mean I should be interviewing him instead?"

NH5: "No, he doesn't like talking. But, he did ask me to put in a good word for him, so here goes. I'm very proud of my son, and he's a great hero. He has the sword and armors of Heaven, which used to be called the Zenithian equipment. He can also use all the traditional hero spells, plus a real nasty one called Minadein. It takes a little power from everyone in the group and does huge damage to the enemy."

JP: "Sounds like he'd do great in the RPGP. How about you?"

NH5: "I think I'd do pretty well too. I might not look it, but I'm pretty strong. I spend a good part of my life in a slave camp like Conan, you know. I have the Dragon Staff, which is as strong as the best swords in our world, and the Dragon Robe which protects against all magic. Speaking of which, I command basic attack and support spells, plus the best healing spells there are."

JP: "Sounds great! Would you recommend any of your other companions for the RPGP?"

NH5: "Maybe my wife, since she's so good at magic, but she says she'd rather stay home. Actually, I have a lot of monsters I would recommend. Why isn't there a monster league in the RPGP?"

JP: "I'm hoping there will be in the distant future, but right now time and budget constraints are holding us back."

NH5: "I see. All the monsters I recruited along my journey are getting a little bored, though."

JP: "By the way... Since you seem to be pretty wise and well-travelled, do you have any idea why you and the other heroes have no names?"

NH5: "I think that our venerable story gods are not quite so powerful when it comes to naming. For example, my mother and father were called Maasa and Papas. I wonder if it's all a cruel joke?"

JP: "I have no idea. Well, thanks for your time."

I then found the next hero, the Prince of Reidock. He also stood out among the others, but with sheer coolness. His armor and weapons looked far superior to all his peers' equipment, and he himself seemed to match the ideal hero role perfectly. He was eager to talk about the RPGP.

NH6: "Oh, I definitely want in. Many people call us heroes from the Dragon Quest worlds outdated and underpowered, and I'd like to prove them wrong."

JP: "You seem pretty confident, even knowing the kind of competition you'd be facing."

NH6: "Of course I'm confident; once I merged with my twin from the dream world, all my fears and insecurities disappeared."

JP: "No one reading this is going to understand that... But go on."

NH6: "The fact of the matter is, I've killed more demon kings than anyone else in history. The Dragon Quest universe has always been plagued with them, sometimes called 'archfiends.' Our world was just full of them, and they were all strong. Not strong enough for my party and me, though."

JP: "I take it the elaborate class system helped you get powerful enough to beat them."

NH6: "That's right. By myself, I have just a few basic healing spells and lightning attacks. But, being the hero, I was allowed to go straight to the Hero job. Through it I learned the strongest attacks in our world, like Gigaslash, Jigospark, and Minadein. Moreover, I regain health constantly during battle, and I have a technique called Meditate that instantly restores me to full health without using any magic power."

JP: "That's pretty sick. You sound like Godlike material to me. How about your weapons?"

NH6: "I use the 4 legendary arms: the Sword of Ramias, the Armor of Orgo, the Helm of Cevas, and the Shield of Sufida. My defense against magic is very high, and my sword causes small explosions when it strikes, almost doubling the damage of my regular attacks."

JP: "Wow. Would you recommend any of your companions for the Playoffs?"

NH6: "I'd recommend them all. But most of all, I think Barbara would do well. She has a unique ability called Madante which takes all of her magic power and converts it into pure damage. There's no stopping it, and it's potentially the most powerful technique our world has ever seen. Then there's Drango, the dragon-man... He's just scary. His defense is impenetrable, and his breath weapons can destroy anything in seconds."

JP: "I'll be sure to pass the word along for them. Good luck with everything."

Last, but probably not least, I finally found the Nameless Hero of Fishbel. I was surprised, and perhaps a little discouraged, that he looked quite un-heroic. But, as it was my original intention, I proceeded with the interview.

JP: "First question: What's with the outfit? I mean, no offense, but your Appearance rating must be in the single digits."

NH7: "Um, what's wrong with it? I always wear it while sailing and fishing, so I never really thought about changing it just to go adventuring."

JP: "I understand. But still, I think you'd be remembered as a better hero if you looked the part. Why don't you look more like your father?"

NH7: "I'd rather you not mention my dad. I'm still mad at him for sitting on his boat while we went to fight the demon lord."

JP: "Oh yeah, sorry about that. So, do you think you could be a contender in the RPGP?"

NH7: "I guess so. To be honest I'd rather just fish. But Maribel keeps telling me to 'be a man' and join the tournament. Since my adventure was really, really long, I gained a lot of experience, and I think I could do pretty well."

JP: "From what I understand, you had even more job opportunities than the previous hero."

NH7: "Yeah. At Dhama there were a couple of new classes, plus some hybrid classes- God Hand and Feng Shui- that were really powerful. From them I learned the Ultima Sword, which is probably the best attack technique there is, and how to summon strong monsters to fight with me during battle. Also, me and my friends never recruited any monsters, but we did sometimes find their spirits, which let us learn their abilities like jobs. I think I like the Hero job the best though, and I'll stick with it as long as I still need to fight."

JP: "Would you recommend any of your companions?"

NH7: "If Keefer was around, I'm sure he'd beg to get into the tournament. Personally though, I think Melvin would be a big hit. He looks old, but he was a Legendary Hero in his day."

JP: "One last question. How do you feel about critics who say that Nameless Heroes are archaic and boring since they have no personality or character development?"

NH7: "Frankly, it makes me very angry. No, enraged even. There's no other word for it. I'm fuming as we speak."

JP: "Wow. Easy, tiger"

NH7: "Sorry about that outburst. I hope I didn't startle you. I'm a very passionate person, I think."

JP: "Uh, don't worry about it. You should use all that energy for the RPGP if you make it in."

NH7: "That's good advice. Thanks."

JP: "Thank you as well, and good luck with the RPGP... And fishing too."

The Nameless Hero of Dragon Quest VII