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Tidus: "Hey, is that like an insult or something?"

JP: "Oh, I forgot to add 'jock' to that list..."

Tidus: "Whaddya mean by that?"

JP: "The whole Blitzball thing."

Tidus: "What about it? It's a great sport! Kinda aquatic football."

JP: "Sounds a bit weird, but okay. So how much money do you make?"

Tidus: "What? You mean where you come from people get paid to play games like this??"

JP: "Yeah. Millions and millions of dollars, actually."

Tidus: "What a weird game universe you must come from. Hmph, and here I was playing just to get some lousy Overdrives for my friend Wakka..."

JP: "Speaking of Overdrives, they seem to be your only unique abilities."

Tidus: "Well, not really. My friends and I have a lot more tricks than that. That's why I wanted this interview so badly. I know we FFX guys will dominate the RPGP no sweat, but we want to show off our skills and get the crowd's support!"

JP: Good for you. But, I'm not sure if it's anything we haven't already seen. I mean, aren't Overdrives just like Limit Breaks?"

Tidus: "They're kinda alike I guess. But we don't necessarily have to take any damage to use our Overdrives. We can choose how we want to power up depending on our fighting style. Like if Yuna plans on doing a lot of healing, she can build up her power that way. For the RPGP, I'll probably want to use the technique that fills up my power as I attack enemies, or better yet, the one that fills up gradually if I'm fighting alone."

JP: "Ah, that's a definite improvement. It doesn't look like there's any weaknesses to them."

Tidus: "Well, there's this one monster that could counter Overdrive attacks, but we all swore that we'd never speak of it again." ::shudders::

JP: "Noted. What about your weapons and armor?"

Tidus: "I use a sword and shield. Right now, I've got the Ultima Weapon, which is totally sweet. I spend like a million years unlocking its power and my shield's abilities, and it was way boring. But it was worth it, 'cause I can do 10 times more damage with just a normal attack than anyone else in any universe, and take 10 times as much punishment too!"

JP: "Yikes, you'll probably all get thrown into Godlike just for that alone."

Tidus: "That's cool with me."

JP: "One last thing. Who among your allies do you really suggest we watch for in the Playoffs?"

Tidus: "Definitely Yuna. And not just 'cause she's a hottie, but 'cause she has some killer summon magic. The monsters she calls actually stick around and fight for her! Oh, and Auron too. I didn't like him at first, but I gotta admit he's a badass fighter, especially with that Masamune sword he's got."

JP: "Okay, that wraps it up. You're not so bad, Tidus. Sorry for being harsh on you at first."

Tidus: "Huh? You were being harsh?"

JP: "...Forget it. Good luck getting into the RPGP."

Final Fantasy 9's Tidus