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JP: "Good thinking. But that brings me to my first question: What makes you RPGP material?"

RF: "Well I don't like to brag, but I'm one of the best sword fighters from any universe."

JP: "Is it true that you taught Claude how to fight?"

RF: "I and his mother Iria, actually. She taught him hand-to-hand techniques like Shooting Stars and Burst Knuckle, but I taught him to use a sword. So our styles are very similar in some ways."

JP: "By the way, you're the same race as Leon Geeste. Any chance of a family connection?"

RF: "Not that I know of."

JP: "Claude has gone a long way in the Playoffs already. I know it's hard to say, but do you think you're a better fighter than he?"

RF: "Hmm, I was expecting a question like that... In some ways, yes. I may have taught Claude my basic techniques, but not my Ougis, or secret techniques. Except maybe for Mirror Slice, the Ougi attacks I learned are far more powerful than anything he or any other Star Ocean character has."

JP: "So what's your best killer move?"

RF: "Well, when I'm fighting a large group, I like to use one of my Tenraiha techniques, where I summon a three headed dragon to use one of three powerful breath weapons on all the enemies. But against single opponents, it's Shichisei Souhazan. It's kinda like Twin Slash but much stronger, and at the end I fire two unblockable plasma beams from my sword. It pretty much kills anything."

JP: "Great. What about your weapon?"

RF: "Usually I use the Aura Blade I customized., which is just like the one Claude uses. But sometimes I like to use the swords I found on the Shichisei Ruins, like the Soul Eater, which steals enemies life, or the Meteor Crash, which gets stronger every time I attack."


At this point, the interview was interrupted by a screeching cry of... "RAATTIIII!"

RF: "Oh, look... It's my girlfriend, Milly... I'm so happy she found us..."

Milly: "You were supposed to take me shopping today! What are you doing here?"

RF: "This is kinda important, Milly. I'll be done in a few-- ow, OW! My ear!"

Milly: "We're leaving!"


As Milly dragged off Ratix, another uninvited guest showed up... "Whoo boy, Ratti's in trouble! Looks like my chance for an interview!"

JP: "Cius Warren, I presume?"

CW: "Damn straight! Now what's all this about fighting?"

JP: "This interview is, er was, for the RPGP, a cross-dimensional fighting tournament."

CW: "Tournament?? That's my specialty! I whup those losers in the Tattoroi Tournament of Arms every year! I'll enter this RP-thing too!"

JP: "I don't see any problem with that, but-"

CW: "Hey, where do you keep your booze?"

JP: "This is Japan. There are beer vending machines everywhere."

CW: "Bitchin'!"

JP: "Well, the interview is quite over, so..."

CW: "Uh, can I borrow a thousand yen?"

JP: "... ... ... Here."

CW: "Bitchin'! See you at the Playoffs!"

JP: "..."

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