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Destin: "Okay, the pumpkin head troops were useful, I'll give her that. Still, she's just a witch."

Deneb: "Just a witch?? How disgusting. I'm not an ordinary witch. I'm more beautiful and have a better figure. Plus, I can cast summon magic and charm men instantly."

Destin: "That's all well and good, but charm doesn't win battles. Now, Mr. Power, for my interview?"

JP: "Very well, let's--"

Deneb: "Oh, weren't you going to start with me, handsome? <3"

JP: "That's right... I was going to start with Deneb..."

Destin: "Snap out of it!"

JP: "Huh? Oh, sorry."

Destin: "I never should have forgiven her…"

JP: "Anyway Destin, we all assumed you were just a nameless hero until you joined the Palatinean Revolution along with the rest of the Zenobians. What made you return, and why without your previous anonymity?"

Destin: "Actually, this was always my name, but someone decided to leave it out in the translation. Besides, I had already earned a name for myself in the war in Zetengia, so to speak. I didn't want to rest on my laurels as Tristan's head general."

JP: "I take it you're going to make another come back here in the RPG."

Destin: "That's right. Though I really hope someday the arena is expanded for full scale confrontations. As good a fighter as I am, leading troops has always been my specialty."

Deneb: "I'm gonna take a nap. Wake me when it's my turn."

JP: "Very well."

Destin: "...Uh, Deneb, perhaps you should pick a more ladylike position to sleep in."

JP: "And perhaps you should shut the hell up."

Destin: "Fine. Where was I?"

JP: "How about telling a bit about your abilities?"

Destin: "Pretty simple, really. Up close, I attack with my huge holy broadsword, the Brunhild. From a distance, I use elemental attacks or a sonic boom technique. It gets the job done."

JP: "Who would you most like to face in the RPGP?"

Destin: "Obviously, I'd like to fight it out with some other generals. Denim, Magnus, and Alphonse from my world come to mind, as well as some heroes from Final Fantasy Tactics, Suikoden, or Shining Force."

JP: "Pretty ambitious of you. I'm sure the fans would love to see those matches. And now, I guess it's Deneb's turn."

Deneb: "Finally! ^_^"

JP: “Well Deneb, exactly how do you get around so much?"

Deneb: “Let's just say I have powers that you don't know about. ~_^”

Destin: "You mean the Teleport spell?"

JP: "Well, you have plenty of powers that we do already know about."

Deneb: "That's right. As THE witch, I'm an expert at causing problems for people I don't like. Paralysis, sleep, poison, curses... You name it, I can do it."

Destin: "I'd say you're also an expert at causing problems for people you DO like."

Deneb: "I only pretended to like you so you would spare me, poopie-head. Now be quiet. Your time is up."

JP: "You certainly have a way with people, Deneb."

Deneb: "That's right! And I can have my way with you if I choose. <3"

JP: "Perhaps, perhaps not. Now, do you have anyone in mind for a match-up?"

Deneb: "I was hoping to get matched up with you, tiger. ^_^"

JP: "You've got to stop flirting with me, Deneb. Trying to write all these emoticons is annoying."

Deneb: "You know you like it!"

JP: "That's besides the point. What I mean to ask is, what do you hope to accomplish in the RPGP?"

Deneb: "I have my eye on the light Championship. Why should I exhaust myself going for Middle or Heavy?"

Destin: "Yeah, then you might be mistaken for someone of character and valor."

Deneb: "Quiet, you! >_<"

JP: "I can see that this interview is losing what little dignity it may have had, so let's wrap things up. Good luck to both of you in the RPGP."

Destin: "I'll be sure to make my matches worth the torture I just went through."

Deneb: "Thanks sooo much Jack-ie! I'll call you, promise! <3"

JP: "..."