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JP: "Where did he get all that money anyway?"

Ness: "I think he was always loaded, and was just holding out on my allowance until he saw me 'do something useful with my time.'"

JP: "Well, you have all the money you need. Why go for the RPGP?"

Ness: "I dunno. Everybody's doing it, so it must be cool."

JP: "Ah, peer pressure. That explains a lot about you."

Ness: "What do you mean? I'm not on drugs or anything. Who told you? The cops? They're all crooked, you know. I have no idea what you're talking about."

JP: "Whatever you say. Just know that the RPGP doesn't allow anyone with the 'feeling strange' status effect, if you catch my drift."

Ness: "Man..."

JP: "Anyway, do you think you can handle the competition in the RPGP? I mean, you're just a kid up against trained warriors, mages, and supernatural beings."

Ness: "Sure, being 'just a kid' never stopped me before. Sure, some other characters went up against demons and dragons and stuff like that, but did they ever have to face New Age Retro Hippies? I don't think so."

JP: "Well, what can we expect from you in combat?"

Ness: "For regular fighting, I use my Gutsy Bat. Usually that's all I need, but when I need to cause some big damage, I use my PSI powers. I named them myself, you know."

JP: "And what exactly did you name them?"

Ness: "Uhhh... I shouldn't say. My parents might be reading this. It's fun to yell out when I'm fighting though."

JP: "Will you be able to make it without your companions?"

Ness: "It'll be hard, but I think so. I really hope that Paula, Jeff, and Poo can make it to the Playoffs too though."

JP: "Lastly, is there anyone you really want to face in the arena?"

Ness: "I'd like to take on someone from the Kingdom of Zeal. I hear they mistreat people who are Earthbound or something like that."

JP: "Very well. Good luck in the RPGP."