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JP: "Indeed. Let's review some of your accomplishments in the Final Fantasy universe. First, you allowed the original Light Warriors to change classes. I admit I never quite understood the connection between the King of Dragons and job promotions."

Bahamut: "Let's just say that I was the 'GM' that time."

JP: "Ah, of course. Next, you… Wait a minute. Where were you in part 2?"

Bahamut: "On vacation. I took one look at the character building system and decided to have nothing to do with it. Only one dragon remained in the world during those days."

JP: "You never 'GM'ed' again after that, it seems."

Bahamut: "Correct. I considered it in part 3, but there were too many classes and not enough balance. All the Light Warriors ended up power-gaming as Ninjas and Sages."

JP: "You got to beat up the munchkins a little though, right?"

Bahamut: "Yes. Once when they disturbed me on my mountain top, and then again to test them to see if they were worthy of my services."

JP: "That was your first time as a summoned monster, correct?"

Bahamut: "I dislike the term 'summoned monster.' It implies we are freaks of nature, when we are in fact forces of nature."

JP: "What term would your people prefer?"

Bahamut: "We are the Genjuu. It seems that you English speakers can't decide on one name for us in any event."

JP: "Understood. Anyway, the testing thing was always a tradition of yours, wasn't it?"

Bahamut: "Of course. I am very selective about who wields my power. Later other Genjuu started providing challenges as well."

JP: "Your most famous test was undoubtedly in part 4. I wonder why you were on the moon, though…"

Bahamut: "The property tax on Earth was too high at the time. Unfortunately, all the monsters started moving there after they heard about the good deal I got on my cave. After the moon departed Earth's orbit, they were all stuck there with nothing to do but… multiply. The moon returned four generations later, filled with the creatures."

JP: "That explains a lot. Where did you live in the mean time?"

Bahamut: "In part 5, I was hibernating under a conveniently shaped peninsula until the heroes showed promise of actually recovering the legendary weapons. Then I relocated to my mountain again to challenge them myself."

JP: "Your usual challenge was suspiciously absent from part 6. I noticed that you always led the charge of Espers, but you weren't seen again until Doomgaze was defeated."

Bahamut: "The official reason is that Kefka turned me and my comrades into magicite before that could happen. We all got a raw deal that time."

JP: "Why didn't you just Megaflare his ass?"

Bahamut: "The game would have been too short, and the heroes would have been disappointed if they didn't get to defeat Kefka themselves."

JP: "I suppose so. From that point on, though, there has always been one Genjuu who is stronger than you. How do you explain that?"

Bahamut: "Certain members of the Powers That Be were complaining that I was hogging the spotlight and not allowing the younger talent to get their 15 minutes. So, I signed a deal that in all future titles I would allow a rookie to be the latest 'ultimate summon.' They're just the flavor of the week. I am in all respects the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last."

JP: "How about in part 7? You didn't appear n the story at all, but bad three different forms."

Bahamut: "The other Genjuu and I realized we were getting paid the same as magicite as we were before, with or without speaking lines, so we decided to stay that way for a while. They just grouped us together with the 'materia.' I was able to hire a red dragon to simulate the challenge for the heroes, but it just wasn't the same. On the bright side, I earned double overtime for having three different summon spells."

JP: "Part 8 was the first time in a long while that you actually had any speaking lines, and quite memorable ones at that. Anyone who calls the main characters 'damned imbeciles' is pretty cool in my book. But what did you mean by, 'Using my powers… It is you humans I fear?'"

Bahamut: "That was a bit of foreshadowing. Throughout the ages, the Genjuu have only served the forces of good. Even Kefka was only interested in our magic, not us. It wasn't until Kuja and Garland used the Invincible to gain control over us that we did anything truly evil."

JP: "Do you regret sacking Alexandria?"

Bahamut: "No. It was actually rather fun. It's been ages since I was allowed to participate in any mindless destruction."

JP: "But what about the people? You said you were the maintainer and all that."

Bahamut: "Watch the scene again carefully. There were actually few casualties. What Kuja didn't realize is that I was fully capable of resisting his petty technology. If I wanted, I could have nuked the entire city in an instant, Alexander and all, but instead I just put on a good show."

JP: "Kuja might disagree with you about that. He implied that his power is greater than any of the Eidolons."

Bahamut: "Thanks to this Arena, I can easily demonstrate how wrong he is."

JP: "Well, I can't imagine anyone agreeing to a battle with you. Your latest incarnation is especially huge and evil."

Bahamut: "I've been working out."

JP: "In part 10, you took a back-seat to not only Anima but the Magus Sisters. Did it bother you to be a 'third stringer?'"

Bahamut: "No. I was happy to be more involved in the story and guide Tidus to his destiny. Besides, I was the party's biggest source of damage and overkills until they unlocked all their legendary weapons and the aforementioned uber-summons."

JP: "I've heard that a lot of summoners use their Aeons just for absorbing damage against otherwise unbeatable monsters. How do you feel about being used like that?"

Bahamut: "It's rather insulting. If the situation was reversed, would you humans like to be used as cannon fodder? Remember: In the physical realm we Genjuu are limited in all respects by the one who summons us. We can't help if you do not use our powers wisely."

JP: "I guess the people in question wish that the Genjuu had better attacks, like something to compare to Blitz Ace or Attack Reels..."

Bahamut: "They were going to let me use Gigaflare as a second Overdrive, but they decided against it last minute. It probably wouldn't have helped much because of the damage limits. Meanwhile, Anima and the Magus Sisters received multi-hit upgrades for their overdrives in the International version. Typical."

JP: "Since you're such an insider on the subject, could you explain the damage limit to us?"

Bahamut: "Under the laws of the Jenova Convention, dealing more than 9999 damage was declared a war crime. This was later circumvented by the idea of multiple attacks. It was abused so badly that the limit was increased to 99999 for certain beings such as myself, as well as legendary weapons. But this led to multi-hit 99999 damage attacks and in the end solved nothing. The story gods need to think this over clearly, because massive single-hit attacks just aren't what they used to be, nor what they should be."

JP: "I see. Well, outside of the Final Fantasy series, you have several other appearances, including your very own game. The interview from the two main characters of Bahamut Lagoon last week is actually what prompted this interview. What are your thoughts as the Guardian Dragon of Khana?"

Bahamut: "I think of Bahamut Lagoon as a milestone of sorts. Very few from our world are able to even appear in a spin-off, much less star in one. It says a lot about my name recognition."

JP: "Speaking of which, I noticed that your name also appears in some other series, like the Ogre Battle saga."

Bahamut: "Legal action is forthcoming."

JP: "I see. Now that we've finished this trip down memory lane, can you tell me what your plans for the future are?"

Bahamut: "I would like to establish a foothold for the Genjuu in the RPG Playoffs. If you do not think of us as 'characters' by now, I can only conclude that some sort of discrimination is at work."

JP: "Personally I have no problem with it, but there are many who think that it would be unfair to even classify you as Godlike."

Bahamut: "Life isn't fair. I suppose a separate league for Genjuu and monstrous evil entities would be appropriate as well, but personally, I would enjoy demolishing some of the more overrated members of the Godlike division."

JP: "Anything else you would like to say?"

Bahamut: "I am the Lord thy Dragon God. Thou shalt not have any other dragons before me."

JP: "Fair enough. Good luck in the RPGP, and all your future ventures."