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Yoyo: "Hmph."

JP: "One thing I've always wondered... What's with all the floating continents? Your world is one of the most bizarre I've ever encountered."

Yoyo: "It used to be normal. But then this man named Kefka moved some statues and..."

JP: "Very funny."

Byuu: "No, you know what's funny? People who think Skies of Arcadia had an original concept in their floating islands gimmick."

JP: "Hmm, I smell a grudge match. And speaking of grudges, Yoyo, how does it feel to be the most hated woman in RPG history?"

Yoyo: "What are you talking about? My subjects love me.

Byuu: "Yeah, but knowing you, you're probably lusting after a different kingdom."

Yoyo: "That's not true. Besides, Yuffie is hated by far more people than I could ever be."

JP: "Trust me, the quality of hate greatly outweighs the quantity in this case."

Yoyo: "Is this about Palpaleos again?"

Byuu: "What else would it be about? You dumped the hero for the villain! And he wasn't even a cool villain either! That must be against the basic laws of RPGs."

Yoyo: "There's no such--"

JP: "Yeah, it's right here, the Main Character's Second Corollary: 'Any female party member who is not already attached is attracted to or in love with the hero.'"

Yoyo: "Oh come on. Yuna got smoochy with Seymour and no one seemed to mind."

Byuu: "She didn't do it willingly! You, on the other hand, had that jerk take you to the church that was OUR special place and did Bahamut-knows-what in there. Then you had the nerve to say that his dragon was faster than mine!"

JP: "Girl, you don't disrespect a man's dragon."

Yoyo: "Mr. Power, please stop encouraging him! You know, it all worked out in the end after all. When it was all over I was willing to give Byuu a chance."

Byuu: "Oh, how generous. I get the leftovers."

Yoyo: "How dare you? I've had enough of this so-called journalism."

JP: "You should have thought of that before you tagged along. I usually only interview the central character of obscure games like yours."

Yoyo: "Well gee, maybe you should just go interview Bahamut then."

JP: "I intend to. But before that, let's get down to the basics with you two. Byuu, what do you have in store for the fans of the arena?"

Byuu: "For starters, since I'm a cross knight, I fight with two swords. With my special techniques I can create powerful elemental explosions at long distances."

Yoyo: "Palpaleos could do that. He was a cross knight too."

Byuu: "Yes. I know. Shut up. Anyway, I can also control my dragon Salamander, who has tons of powerful magic and deadly physical attacks. We work like a single unit, and he often swoops in to attack just as I'm about to engage the enemy. I do get to use my dragon in the arena, right?"

JP: "Well, since dragons are almost essential for units in Bahamut Lagoon, and characters like Shadow are allowed to bring their pets, I would assume so."

Byuu: "That's cool. Did I mention that after I evolved my dragon into its Phoenix form it became completely invincible?"

JP: "No, you seemed to have left that part out."

Byuu: "Oops. I guess I had better make room on my mantelpiece for a trophy."

JP: "Don't get too confident. There are plenty of characters who are fast or magically inclined enough to circumvent your invulnerable friend. How about you, Yoyo? Are you planning on participating in the tournament, or were you thinking of heading over to the villains' locker room area?"

Yoyo: "Oh, stop it. Of course I'll participate. I'm not just the princess of Khana, but a Dragoner. I can use a little of every type of magic, and I can even summon the Divine Dragons to attack my enemies."

Byuu: "She's pretty powerful, I'll give her that. I'm just glad the dragons are kind enough not to hit our allies in their area of effect, or else I'd hate to be on the same continent as her."

Yoyo: "I'm not stupid, Byuu. I know how to aim my summon spells."

Byuu: "I know. I'm afraid you'd be aiming at our side."

JP: "For one last and probably obvious question, is there anyone either of you would like to face in the arena?"

Yoyo: "I wouldn't mind having a match against some of the other summoners in the RPGP."

JP: "How about you, Byuu?"

Byuu: "I know what you're thinking, but no, I couldn't bring myself to fight Yoyo no matter what. I still care about her too much."

Yoyo: "Aww, that's so--"

Byuu: "But I would like to revive Palpaleos so I can kick his sorry ass over and over again."

Yoyo: "No!!"

JP: "Sounds like a good idea to me. Good luck to both of you in the Playoffs."