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JP: "Still, your game was the biggest disappointment of the main four in a lot of ways. Like PSO, it wasn't developed by the original design team, and wasn't even a Phantasy Star game until the marketing people decided it would sell a little better if it was retrofitted as a sequel to Sega’s only good RPG series."

Aron: "But every series has to have at least one disappointment. It's how we keep balance in the universe."

JP: "I see. I always thought defeating Dark Force every thousand years was sufficient for that."

Aron: "Nope. There's always a catch."

JP: "Well, let's get down to some serious questions. First of all, what's with the cape? I would think it's more suitable attire for a villain, not a hero."

Aron: "The cape certifies me as a badass. Besides, my mother's brother was a villain."

JP: "Ah, that's right. What was it like for you growing up?"

Aron: "It was rough. I would get a lot of flak from other kids, despite being a prince. They would say things like, 'your uncle looks like Fabio,' and 'go back to the moon, moon boy,' and stuff like that."

JP: "Kids can sure be cruel. By the way, exactly how can a spaceship have moons?"

Aron: "Uh... suspension of disbelief."

JP: "Ah, of course."

Aron: "It wasn't easy living on a big chunk of rock orbiting a big hulk of metal, not to mention enduring the 'I can't believe it's not butter' jokes aimed at Uncle Lune, but I always held on to some hope. I thought that after I became a hero and finished my quest, two hot chicks would offer to marry me, just like my father and his father before him. I'm still waiting for that to happen."

JP: "What do you mean? Obviously, you can choose Kara or Laya."

Aron: "No way. Kara's way too much of a prude, and Laya is, like, old... I mean, in another timeline, she married my dad! That's sick. I want a better selection."

JP: "You could always go out and meet some girls or something."

Aron: "You mean someone I didn't adventure with or save from a vile dungeon? Geez, you don't know anything about courtship."

JP: "I suppose not. Well, maybe you can share a life or death experience with someone in the RPGP."

Aron: "Now you're talking."

JP: "Well, do you think you have what it takes to survive?"

Aron: "Sure. I survived my debut match already."

JP: "So what do you think separates you from the other princes?"

Aron: "Well, I have the most well-rounded abilities, plus the only techniques that mattered in my time: Healing. From what I've seen from watching the matches, a fighter with healing ability is the perfect combination. Also, I have a mean streak that my peers don't, like I mentioned about my uncle and the black cape. I used to go back to Landen and hunt Chirpers with the Nei Sword just to see how much damage I could do."

JP: "Speaking of mean streaks, you do have one more technique, correct?"

Aron: "That's right... the forbidden technique. I destroyed the entire city of Lashute with one blast of Megido. To be honest I can't control it as well as Rolf or Chaz, so I don't know if I would ever dare attempt to use it in combat."

JP: "It might be a risk you'll have to take someday."

Aron: "I'd rather keep it as an ambiguous plot device power. That'll be just as effective, I think."

JP: "You may be right. Lastly, is there anyone in particular that you'd like to face in the arena?"

Aron: "I wouldn't mind teaching a lesson to Edgar or Marle or some other overhyped blonde-haired blue-eyed monarchs."

JP: "Would you want to take on Dark Force again?"

Aron: "Are you kidding? Alone, I would stand no chance. Not even any of the Godlikes would. That thing not only manipulated events to destroy our planet, but personally eradicated all but two of the 400 worldships that were launched. It is no fun to mess with, let me tell you."

JP: "Well, I'm sure we can come up with some opponents for you who will be a good deal of fun. Good luck in the RPGP."