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JP: "Well all that should change fairly soon. Let's start the interview, shall we?"

AL: "By all means."

JP: "So, being one of the oldest characters to grace the playoffs, do you think you have what it takes?"

AL: "Oh, definitely. The times may have changed, but the basics are still the same. If only more people would take me seriously..."

JP: "What, because you're a girl?"

AL: "No, because I'm a girl who dresses sensibly. These days men only pay attention to floozies in short skirts or iron bikini clad warrior women."

JP: "..."

AL: "No offense."

JP: "None taken, I guess. I happen to like your outfit."

AL: "Well in hindsight I probably should have picked out something better for my mission of revenge. You have no idea how hard it is to look menacing in pink."

JP: "Speaking of your adventure, some say that it was one of the toughest, of not THE toughest quest in history. Care to elaborate?"

AL: "Mostly it was the dungeons. We always had to bring a flashlight, and even then it was easy to get lost because they went on forever, every turn looked the same, and there were countless dead ends and pitfalls. Oh, and getting attacked every two steps certainly didn't help matters. We always ran out of healing items."

JP: "You mean like trimates and moon dews?"

AL: "Nothing quite so fancy. We got by on burgers and cola."

JP: "What about the enemies?"

AL: "Well, the enemies were smarter back then. They always came at us single file so we could only see one of them at a time. Fortunately, I was able to talk to some enemies using telepathy. Let me tell you, when you run into a horde of frost dragons, it's a lot healthier to strike up a conversation than duke it out. But even the weakest enemies could be dangerous to experienced warriors, because the damage everyone dealt was based mostly on luck."

JP: "That's unusual. But it must have gotten easier when you got the best weapons and armor, right?"

AL: "Not by much. We were told we needed the Laconia weapons to defeat Lassic. What a bunch of hooey that was! Even with those weapons, the only things that did reliable damage were Odin’s laser cannon and Noah’s magic."

JP: "It was your sword that made you famous thousands of years later though. Elsydeon was originally your sword, was it not?"

AL: "Yes, but I never called it that. It was a plain old Laconia sword when I had it."

JP: "Besides your swordsmanship, what makes you a competitor worthy of the RPGP?"

AL: "I have a good variety of spells for every occasion, from healing myself, increasing my defense, tying enemies up, and blasting them with fireballs."

JP: "Sounds good. Lastly, is there anyone specific you'd like to take on in the arena?"

AL: "Hopefully Lassic, or Lashiec or whatever he's calling himself these days, will make it into the RPGP too so I can kick his butt again. Failing that, I wouldn't mind proving once and for all who the best heroine of all time is."

JP: "Sounds like a plan. Good luck in the Playoffs."