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JP: Well, that is an interesting point. Would you compete with your more popular and long-standing villain persona, or would you rather compete as a babyface?"

G: "I pondered that for quite some time while sitting around waiting to be booked for a match. In the beginning, it was a clear advantage to be a good guy. Look at the champions for the first seasons: Orlandu, Shadow, Vincent, and Cecil. But, for some reason the public seems to favor the heels now. All the recent godlike champions have been boss characters! Well, with the exception of Citan. He's such a goody two-shoes pantywaist that he makes my brother look like Zeromus! Every night I think, "that should be me up there!"

JP: "Well clearly this would be a great time to finally get a break in the Playoffs. Why do you suppose it hasn't happened yet?"

G: "I think the management discriminates against the old timers. Why is it that any no-talent rookie from a no-name game with a third-rate publisher can get a match, but there are still much more experienced, better competitors like me left on the back burner? And look at how we old-school characters have fallen. Cecil was one of the first champions of the Playoffs, but now he'll take a dive for just about anyone. It's obvious there's a bias for the so-called 'new generation.'"

JP: "So you think you can still hold your own against the newcomers?"

G: "Bah, their fancy tricks are at best just rehashed versions of what we used to do in the old days. I still have my full range of black magic, not to mention some impressive summons. My Shadow Dragon could easily immobilize and demolish any who stand before me! And, if the rumored tag team format becomes a reality, Fu So Ya and I will dominate with our Double Meteo! Ha ha ha ha~!"

JP: "It's normally my policy to cut the interview short once the diabolical laughter starts in. Thank you for your time, Mr. Golbez, and I wish you luck in the RPGP."