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JP: "First of all, what have you been doing since Sons of Liberty?"

SS: "The same stuff as I was doing during Sons of Liberty: Nothing much for the most part."

JP: "You sound bitter."

SS: "It must be the hard-core fan in me talking."

JP: "So you want to be in the RPGP?"

SS: "Not really. But it's my next assignment, and it'll probably be entertaining."

JP: "The big problem with that is that you're not an RPG character by any stretch of the imagination."

SS: "Hey, if elf-boy and that Japanese kid can get in, I have every right to. Hey, I collect 'weapons and items.' I get tougher with experience after defeating 'bosses.' Close enough, right?"

JP: "I'm still not convinced."

SS: "I don't really care about your opinion. Just get on with the interview."

JP: "Well then, what's the deal with the silly codenames?

SS: "I could ask you the same question, Jack Power. Or should I say... 'Power-outage Jackrabbit.'"

JP: "...Huh?"

SS: "Don't play dumb. We know that you are behind the energy crisis in California last year, as well as countless other crimes such as electrical bill fraud."

JP: "Man, what are you smoking?"

SS: "Malboros. Want one?"

JP: "No thanks."

SS: "Good. I wasn't going to give you one anyway."

JP: "So are you going to shoot me on account of my alleged terrorist alias?"

SS: "No, I was planning on dragging you to a far off corner where the guards can't see you and breaking your neck."

JP: "Wonderful."

SS: "Maybe we can cut a deal. If you can get me into this RPGP, I'll only choke you until you're unconscious."

JP: "Gee, thanks. I'll see what I can do."

SS: "Are we done yet? What else do you need to know?"

JP: "Tell me about your brother."

SS: "I don't like that type of question. I just had my therapy session last Tuesday."

JP: "No, I mean what ever happened to him? Does he also want to join the RPGP? Why does he sound like a ninja turtle?"

SS: "The answer to all those questions is, 'I don't care.'"

JP: "Alright. Well, since there's a Solid and a Liquid, is there a Gaseous Snake too?"

SS: "Only when one of us has too many Egg McMuffins."

JP: "I see. As for more serious matters, I'm pretty sure everyone knows about your countless weapons and other gadgets. What's your favorite?"

SS: "You mean you can't guess?"

JP: "I would assume the cloaking device."

SS: "No. The cardboard box."

JP: "...The box."

SS: "The box."

JP: "May I ask why?"

SS: "No one ever suspects the box."

JP: "Indeed."

SS: "Anything else?"

JP: "Yeah, the usual last question. Who would you most like to face in the Playoffs?"

SS: "I wouldn't mind taking a crack at some of those sword-wielding wanna-be gods, just to show everyone how far modern technology and strategy can get you."

JP: "Well good luck with that. You're gonna need it."

Is the RPGP ready for Solid Snake and the rest of the Metal Gear cast? Need they even apply? Where can the line between role-playing and action games be drawn? I can't answer that question alone. Look for a special vote in the near future to determine whether Metal Gear should have a spot in the Playoffs.