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JP: "I see. Well, let's get down to the questions."

Deis: "By all means."

JP: "Clearly you can represent yourself any way you like. Why the serpentine form?"

Deis: "It just suits me. Would you prefer I present myself as a naked human again?"

JP: "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that you may incinerate me."

Deis: "Ha ha, don't worry. I'm a nice goddess. Well, most of the time."

JP: "I hope so. Anyway, my next question is about your name. Why the change from Bleu? Assuming that you are Bleu, that is."

Deis: "Of course I'm Bleu. Don't be stupid."

JP: "But your names are different."

Deis: "Look, I'm a goddess. Do you think everyone calls me the same thing, especially after countless generations? Look at what happened to the Greek gods when they were imported to Rome. It's not my choice what the simple folk call me."

JP: "That makes perfect sense to me, but some fans aren't willing to accept it so easily."

Deis: "You know, I have a friend in Algol who has the same problem. Maybe you can help him set the record straight too."

JP: "Sounds like an interesting challenge."

Deis: "My turn to ask a question. Why do you think I haven't already joined the RPGP?"

JP: "Uh, because you were refused a contract?"

Deis: "No, try again."

JP: "Because you're already represented by Ershin?"

Deis: "No."

JP: "Because there'd be no challenge for you?"

Deis: "Exactly."

JP: "Really? I was just trying to flatter you."

Deis: "How sweet. But I am already well aware of my abilities."

JP: "Our readers might not be. Care to elaborate on some of your powers?"

Deis: "Besides immortality and other perks of being a goddess, I am a peerless master of magic, and my speed and power overshadow all mortals. The abilities I taught to my apprentices are mere fragments of what I can do. And in the unlikely event that I am ever injured or fatigued, I can even 'shed' and restore myself to perfect health at any time. It really takes the edge off hangovers, too."

JP: "Instant no-cost HP restoration, huh? So how is someone supposed to beat you?"

Deis: "They don't. I'm not some fragile songstress or quasi-divine Norse hussy. I'm the real deal."

JP: "That brings my next question: Who would you most like to face in the arena?"

Deis: "My sister Myria, of course. In fact, it might be exciting to be in a big melee with all the so-called goddesses in the RPG so I can humiliate all the pretenders at once."

JP: "That can be arranged. One last question, though. Do you have a thing for Ryu?"

Deis: "There's a passing interest, I admit. He's cute and he's powerful; those are the things I look for most in a man."

JP: "Well, you know--"

Deis: "Sorry Jack, ain't gonna happen. Call me if you attain godhood."

JP: "Oh well. Good luck in the RPGP anyway."