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JP: "Indeed. But that really can't be helped."

Marth: "Of course it can! That's why I want an RPGP contract. I plan to bring glory back to my kingdom and the entire Fire Emblem saga."

JP: "You might find that even more challenging than winning your war. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you've been accused of being well, not very strong for a war hero."

Marth: "Oh, excuse me for giving the enemy a chance rather than running around with an auto-haste weapon and raining down 'holy sword' techniques from an adequately safe distance."

JP: "Point taken."

Marth: "Besides, I'm fast and can run long distances, and my fencing skill is unmatched in all the lands."

JP: "So what do you use for weapons nowadays?"

Marth: "I mostly use the Falchion sword. It's not overtly magical or anything, but it's powerful and light enough that I can strike multiple times in succession."

JP: "Still, you're without any magic or healing abilities."

Marth: "I left those duties up to my troops. I am well capable of handling myself in single combat."

JP: "Alright then, who would you most like a chance to go one-on-one with?"

Marth: "I wouldn't mind facing one of the heroes from Shining Force or Ogre Battle in a duel. Better yet, in a full scale battle. But what I'd really like, if you haven't guessed already, is to lead my comrades against those overrated guerillas from Final Fantasy Tactics."

JP: "That would make an interesting spectacle for the fans. Any last comments?"

Marth: "Yes. Translations for the SNES remake of my war tales are under development. If you're not multilingual like Mr. Power here, you might still get a chance to enjoy my adventures."

JP: "Thanks for the tip, Prince Marth, and good luck in the RPGP."