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Sprite: "If it's so simple then how come you don't already know?"

JP: "The fact that you keep dodging it has piqued my curiosity."

Boy: "Can we get back to the interview?"

JP: "Shut up, Boy. I call the shots around here."

Boy: "Sorry..."

JP: "Now, let's get back to the interview."

Girl: "How about we start by figuring out why we were never invited to the Playoffs if we're supposedly so popular?"

JP: "That's a good question. You three are definitely remarkable in that you were in the first and thus far only three player RPG."

Girl: "What do you mean, 'player?' Are you implying that someone or something is controlling our ac--"

JP: "Hey! Stop rifling through my cabinets!"

Sprite: "Sorry, I don't know what came over me."

JP: "Hmmm. As you were saying?"

Girl: "Never mind..."

JP: "Come to think of it, it looks like we all have you to thank for the restricting 3-person parties of next generation RPGs."

Boy: "It wasn't my fault! I looked and looked for more companions. Honest, I did. This was the best I could do."

Sprite: "Thanks for the vote of confidence, you big jerk."

Boy: "Up yours, you androgynous smurf."

Girl: "Knock it off, you brats!"

JP: "Wow. Were you always this way?"

Girl: "No... After our quest, we became disillusioned."

Boy: "And frustrated."

Sprite: "And bored."

JP: "Well, the RPGP is the perfect place to get that out of your system. But can you handle the competition?"

Girl: "I know I can. I don't know about the two slackers here."

Boy: "Slackers? You were the one picking flowers and stuff while we were getting ambushed."

Girl: "They were herbs!"

JP: "Ahem. Can we get on with this? Now, what are your abilities?"

Boy: "We all can use lots of different weapons. Girl and Sprite can use magic, but not me."

JP: "What's so special about you, then?"

Boy: "Well, I'm the best with the weapons. And, I have the Mana Sword."

Sprite: "Big whoop."

Boy: "Hey, it's the most powerful weapon in the world! We couldn't have won without it."

Girl: "Yeah, but only with my help. Besides, if you hadn't messed with it in the first place we wouldn't have needed to go through all that crap."

JP: "I'm getting quite tired of this. How about I book you in a Triple Threat match next week so you can settle your differences once and for all?"

Boy: "Sounds good to me."

Girl: "Fine by me too."

Sprite: "Yeah, let's get it on."

JP: "Very well. Good luck in the RPGP. I hope you sustain many injuries."