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JP: "That's a good attitude... I suppose. Anyway, let's get one thing straight before we continue: Are you the main character or what?"

JN: "I guess so, since everyone assumes I am. I have no idea why."

JP: "It must be because you're at the top of the list of characters and specialize in swords."

JN: "Ah, that's it."

JP: "You don't seem to be much different from any other generic RPG hero in that respect."

JN: "But I do stand apart from them because of my huge variety of skills. I have many good techniques, from sword attacks to special parries and counters, all of which I took great pains to learn randomly and arbitrarily by fighting impossible enemies over and over again."

JP: "Well, whatever techs you may have might not be enough with the fierce RPGP competition. You really think you can handle yourself in the Playoffs?"

JN: "Are you kidding? This competition w be a step down from what I'm used to. Where I come from, even normal monsters could wipe out an adventuring party in less than a single round."

JP: "Stop complaining about the monsters! I think it actually says more about your power level than theirs."

JN: "Well, it doesn't matter much what you think. I've already seen plenty of combat, both out in the world and in the arena at Tsuvaik. My comrades and I have our real strength in teamwork, where we can unleash massive combination attacks, but I for one can hold my own alone."

JP: "What do you use for weapons, anyway?"

JN: "I always make it a point to carry three different swords and a shield to give me the most options in battle. Right now I'm using the Dragon Scale Sword, the Beauty Under the Moon, and the Ice Sword."

JP: "Uh, that last one doesn't sound so impressive."

JN: "Oh, but it's the best one! It has a built-in counter stance ability. Anyone who tries to attack me when I'm using it gets frozen!"

JP: "That could make for some interesting battles. Who else would you recommend for the Playoffs?"

JN: "Any of my fellow main characters, for starters. Thomas, Harid, Michael, Ellen, Sarah, Katarina, and Monica are all good fighters and great companions. I also think that Boston the lobster would own almost anyone in the RPGP."

JP: "... Lobster?"

JN: "Trust me. It's all about the lobster."

JP: "Very well. Good luck in the RPGP."