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CA: "Well, we didn't. Even the most recent of the old-school games don't get any respect lately."

JP: "Speaking of Rolf, since you're considered his successor, how would you say you compare?"

CA: "Well, we beat Dark Force 3 times and then went into its own dimension to defeat its source, the Profound Darkness. Did Rolf do any of that?"

JP: "I wouldn't pat yourself on the back so quickly. There was at least one more incarnation of Big Daddy F hiding out on the Palman worldships."

CA: "That's out of my jurisdiction."

JP: "Fair enough. Back to the original question then."

CA: "Honestly, I'd say I'm just as good as he was. People always tell me that my swordsmanship is still a bit sloppy... But gimme a break, I'm only sixteen. In any case, I wear the same sort of equipment and have most of the same techniques as Rolf used."

JP: "However, your version of Megid is slightly weaker, correct?"

CA: "Yeah... But at least I don't have to worry about wiping out my party with it. The technique's power depends on the individual, so I guess it could be a lot worse."

JP: "You mean someone could use it, and instead of an earth-shattering explosion, it could just shoot off a little purple ball of snot?"

CA: "I guess so. But no one's that pathetic."

JP: "Never been to Pioneer 2, eh?"

CA: "...Huh?"

JP: "Never mind. Tell me what else you can do."

CA: "My friends and I have special skills unique among Algolians, and we can chain those and our techniques into combination attacks. But most of the time I don't need to bother with them, thanks to the sword Elsydeon."

JP: "What's the deal with Elsydeon?"

CA: "It was the laconian sword that Alis Landale used to defeat the Dark Force the first time it appeared in Algol. It has since become like a haven for the spirits of the Protectors of Algol."

JP: "I smell mad plot device powers."

CA: "Yeah. And more than that, it deals double damage against any evil enemies, often destroying them instantly. It was the ultimate weapon against the Profound Darkness."

JP: "Neat-o. Who else would you want to see in the RPGP?"

CA: "If you take me, you just have to take Rika, Rune, and Wren too. They're all great warriors on their own. When we fight as a team, though, we're nearly unstoppable, and have a combo attack that can destroy anything in no time."

JP: "Sounds like you and your team could be serious contenders. Lastly, is there anyone you're looking forward to facing?"

CA: "Yeah. There's another blond swordswinging sci-fi hero I'd like to try my skills against."

JP: "I'll be sure to let him know. Good luck in the RPGP."

Chaz Ashley