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JP: "Well, what's your story, exactly?"

LC: "I originally worked as a soldier for the OCU, but after a screw-up that started a war with the USN, I exiled myself out of shame. The army later hired me again as the leader of special mercenary unit Carrion Crow. Eventually we won the war, but it's been dull ever since."

JP: "So what have you been up to?"

LC: "Most days I just sit around and polish my wanzer."

JP: "Whoa dude, too much information!"

LC: "No, no... Wanzers are giant combat robots."

JP: "Ah yes, one of the staples of Japanese entertainment. You must be a pretty good pilot."

LC: "I'm the best there is. While the battlefield is my real strength, I already have plenty of experience in arena fighting. Almost every town on Huffman Island has a coliseum built for wanzer fighting. I once won twelve straight bouts in the worst mech available."

JP: "So you never fight on foot?"

LC: "Are you kidding? On the type of battlefield I'm used to, that's suicide."

JP: "That might be a problem then. The staff is reluctant to allow giant robots into the arena."

LC: "I see. But immortal beings with world-destroying magic are just fine, huh?"

JP: "Point taken. What do you use for weaponry on your wanzers?"

LC: "Machine guns, rail guns, vulcans, flame throwers, missile launchers. A few small caliber nuclear weapons. Pretty standard stuff. If all else fails, wanzers are quite capable of punching the snot out of anything, provided the pilot is skilled enough."

JP: "Where do your specialties lie?"

LC: "I'm good at everything. My abilities include attacking specific parts of the enemy's body, and alternating weapons for multiple attacks."

JP: "So you think you could take on a Gear?"

LC: "Absolutely. They may be a bit more advanced than wanzers, but their pilots don't have anything close to my skills."

JP: "I'm assuming that's your plan in the RPGP, then?"

LC: "I'll take on whoever or whatever is thrown at me. But most of all, I'd like a shot at that wingly guy who stole my name. I don't take that crap from anybody."

JP: "I smell a grudge match. Well, good luck in the RPGP. I'm sure you, and the fans, will get all the excitement you could want."