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JP: "Well, have you considered joining a political party? Both the Silver Haired Baddies and the Monstrous Demonic Baddies are strongly represented around here."

MF: "I've tried that. Neither of those groups will accept me as a member, the fools..."

JP: "Well, they do clearly have good reasons. You're too bald, ugly, and dull to be a Silver Haired Baddie--"

MF: "What you say??"

JP: "Don't get me started on your horrible bad guy speeches. And as for the Monstrous Demonic Party, you're not quite monstrous or demonic enough."

MF: "Absurd. I had merged with the Virage Embryo and was on my way to becoming the God of Destruction! Is that somehow not good enough?"

JP: "Well, by the name and looks of it the Virage Embryo was really just an undeveloped version of those giant vacuum cleaner monsters. Some 'god of destruction' that turned out to be."

MF: "Nonsense! It's the most powerful being in the world!"

JP: "That's not really saying much."

MF: "Well, when my enemies fall before me in the arena, you will see my powers speak for themselves."

JP: "Tell me then, what exactly makes you think you're fit for competition?"

MF: "Firstly, I am a brilliant and cunning leader! I evaded my enemies by transferring my soul from one person to another for decades."

JP: "In other words you're a huge wuss."

MF: "...I will ignore that comment for now. Nextly, as a Wingly, I have superb magic power, which is made even greater from my contact with the Virage Embryo."

JP: "Form what I've seen of Wingly magic, I'm not at all impressed. Maybe you can make use of those of yours and escape from your enemies though."

MF: "Ha, that's what you think! They'll be the ones escaping!"

JP : "..."

MF: "...That's not what I meant to say!"

JP: "Whatever. Just get on with your self-exposition."

MF: "Ahem, very well. As the God of Destruction, I have incredible strength and endurance. In one of my forms, I can even weaken dragoons to the point of uselessness!"

JP: "Isn't that a bit redundant? Besides, there's only a small chance you'll get to fight any of your former foes."

MF: "For once you are correct. I will surely be ranked into Godlike."

JP: "Actually, I'm thinking you're more suited for Puny."

MF: "What??"

JP: "Are you prepared to deal with the likes of Jogurt on a weekly basis?"

MF: "Ha! The question is, is he prepared for ME?"

JP: "..."

MF: "That is, if I actually had to fight him. Which I never will. Because I will be busy taking revenge on my villainous peers who excluded me from their stupid social clubs. After that, I will destroy all the dragoons, and then enslave every human in the RPGP! Ha ha ha!"

JP: "I see. Well, have fun obsessing about your little vendetta. I'm sure you'll get what's coming to you."

Melbu Frahma has proven himself one of the worst villains ever, yet he may have a legitimate case for being in the RPGP along with the rest of the LoD cast. Though he has been Forgotten for a long time, I think Melbu is Best Left that way.