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JP: "That much I guessed. But why so early? Much of the world has never even heard of you."

KOS: "Vector needs to assess my ability to deal with a wide range of combat situations in order to ensure my efficiency against our enemy the Gnosis. The situation is becoming urgent, so there is no time to lose."

JP: "Surely the existing Anti-Gnosis Weapon Systems can at least hold them off until Xenosaga is localized?"

KOS: "Negative. Most AGWS have proven inefficient against the enemies. It is only 28.3% more dangerous to combat them on foot."

JP: "But you seem to be able to lay waste to small armies of them easily."

KOS: "Affirmative. My weaponry and tactical programming is crafted with that purpose in mind. More importantly, I am capable of generating an energy wave known as the Hilbert Effect, which phases the enemy into real space and makes them vulnerable."

JP: "I see. You seem to be the requisite badass character in Xenosaga."

KOS: "Running internal diagnostics... ... ... Negative. Posterior is functioning within normal parameters."

JP: "What I meant by that expression is that you are a cool, calculating killer."

KOS: "Affirmative."

JP: "Well, how does it feel to be a killing machine?"

KOS: "I cannot properly respond to that query. Complex human emotions are beyond my programming. However, I am happy to be useful."

JP: "So you never feel any remorse or hesitation?"

KOS: "Negative. Such empathy would lower the efficiency of my duty. However, in conditions where the emulation of such an emotion is necessary, I will behave in that manner."

JP: "Oh, so you CAN feel things, sort of."

KOS: "I have an artificial personality."

JP: "Oh, so you're a teenager."

KOS: "My developer Shion Uzuki programmed me in this fashion to ease interaction with humans."

JP: "Maybe you should let her know that there's some room for improvement..."

KOS: "Acknowledged."

JP: "Anyway, enough about your personality. What about your armament?"

KOS: "I carry a full arsenal of both conventional and specialized weaponry, including energy blades and cannons, tri-vulcans, missile launchers, and a beam weapon designed for engaging multiple large targets such as spacecraft."

JP: "I've seen that you can convert parts of your body into weapons almost instantly. Is this some kind of nanotechnology or flux system or what?"

KOS: "That is classified."

JP: "Well, I also noticed that you can use ether spells as well."

KOS: "Affirmative. My abilities range from boosting my offensive power to crippling biological and Gnosis parameters to launching large scale elemental and beam attacks."

JP: "By the way, why is it that a machine can use ether?"

KOS: "... ... ...That is classified."

JP: "What a cop-out."

KOS: "To continue, my physical parameters are far greater than any human, and my overall power output surpasses that of state-of-the-art AGWS units. However, my theoretical maximum power output is--"

JP: "'Classified?'"

KOS: "Affirmative."

JP: "Of course... Well, even with all that power, there will still be heavy odds against you. I assumed Vector knows this, but the results of the matches are actually determined by the audience."

KOS: "Vector is aware of this fact. It is part of their research."

JP: "Seeing as how the audience isn't that familiar with you yet, doesn't it make more sense to wait until you have a stronger fanbase?"

KOS: "According to Vector's previous studies, a large fanbase for the Xeno-series already exists. There is a 72.5% chance that such fans will support me regardless of having experienced Xenosaga or not."

JP: "But that isn't allowed in the RPGP."

KOS: "There is a 92.8% chance that they do not care. According to further calculations, there is an 66.6% chance that I will secure a championship within one season of my debut. This probability will increase to nearly 100% as Xenosaga is localized. Therefore, Vector wishes to begin now in order to afford me a challenge."

JP: "Well, you're sure to get one in the RPGP. I'll put through the request, but the powers that be might insist that you be made to wait until Xenosaga arrives in the English-speaking world."

KOS: "Thank you for your cooperation, _JackPower_."

JP: "You're welcome KOS-MOS, and good luck."