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JP: "But we all know that Sony does excellent localizations, right, Cloud?"

Cloud, who happened to be passing by, put down his Touph Ring and Organics and declared, "These guy are sick."

Gabe: "..."

JP: "Um, well, on to the matter at hand. Why do you feel you deserve a place in the RPGP?"

Gabe: "If that insufferable Earthling Claude can "advance forward" into the Playoffs, then I see no reason why I am excluded. Besides being a genius, I am clearly one of the mightiest beings in existence. My heraldry is so powerful that I have no need of weapons, my Divine Wave crushes anything that attempts to come near me, and my superior speed keeps me out of harm's way. But even then, that is not the full extent of my power. I am crippled by a 'Limiter' that was added to me when I was created. Were it to be switched off, I doubt that the Godlike league combined would be a match for me."

JP: "Well, that's quite an impressive claim. I'm sure the RPGP staff would like to know more about this Limiter before they give you a contract..."

Gabe: "Just tell them to stop by my place. And after that, look for my... ah, friend... Fillia in Central City. She'll tell you all you need to know..."

JP: "I have a feeling you're going to break into a fit of diabolical laughter."

Gabe: "That's correct."

JP: "Well, forgive me for changing the subject, then. What is your response to accusations that you're just another ironic angel boss like Sephiroth or Myria?"

Gabe: "Unlike them, I have no pretensions to good. Me and my comrades may have originally been named after angels, but the truth is we're just plain evil. The Sages and I simply wanted to conquer the galaxy, and we almost succeeded. Besides, I've destroyed more planets than they have."

JP: "I see. One last question: what about the other nine Sages?"

Gabe: "I am fully willing and able to represent the Ten Sages myself, since I see little hope of all of us being allowed in, but my right-hand-man Luci-, well, you know him as Cyril, believes he also deserves a shot at the Playoffs."

JP: "Well, I wish you all the best of luck."

Gabe: "Heh, we will hardly need it."

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