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JP: "Then again, it's not every guy who gets called 'loser' and 'jerkoff' by delinquent schoolgirls."

RH: "That's not so bad. Some girls think I'm a really nice guy."

JP: "Ouch, that's rough."

RH: "Huh?"

JP: "Speaking of which, what's the deal with you and Nozomi anyway?"

RH: "Oh, she's a very dear friend. Just like a little sister to me."

JP: "Sister? Man, that girl is practically all over you."

RH: "Really? Um, well, I don't really have time for that sort of thing... even if what you say is true."

JP: "You 'don't have time?'"

RH: "Well, for some reason, time goes by really fast where I'm from. One morning, I lost one of my socks. After looking around in my room for what seemed like a few minutes, I looked out the window and it was night time. The same thing happened just messing around in the local arcade or on my Sega Saturn."

JP: "Wow, and I thought my days were too short. Maybe you should take a vacation in some other RPG world. Time doesn't seem to flow regularly at all in most of them."

RH: "Thanks, I think I'll try that some time. I was told that time in the Playoffs only flows in weekly bursts, so that's why I decided to sign up."

JP: "That begs the big question: Why do you want to be in the RPGP? Even if you put your life on pause, so to speak, won't it distract you from your ongoing mission?"

RH: "Um, actually I think it will help my mission. I'm hoping that my father's killer will also enter the tournament."

RH: "I get into a lot of fights. I think it's because I tend to say my thoughts out loud a lot."

JP: "Well, you seem polite enough, so I don't see that would be much of a--"

RH: "Hmmm, I hope this interview turns out well. This reporter guy has done some really lousy ones before."

JP: "HEY!"

RH: "See what I mean?"

JP: "Hmph."

RH: "And one time, I blew all my money on capsule vending machines."

JP: "Why the heck did you do that?"

RH: "Well, my out loud voice kept telling me that I should try it again. Really enthusiastically, too. Maybe deep down, I really wanted a few dozen Sonic the Hedgehog figurines."

JP: "That's pretty silly."

RH: "I don't regret it. I was able to sell most of them on e-bay."

JP: "Well, do you have any regrets?"

RH: "Well, it's not up to me, but it makes me sad that the sequel to my game will only be released on the Xbox over in the West. It's a real stab in the back especially for American Sega fans."

JP: "You're right about that."

RH: "And also, I think it's fair to say that the Xbox sucks ass and is doomed to failure."

JP: "...Wow."

RH: "Just because I'm polite doesn't mean I can't have strong opinions."

JP: "Well, strong opinions aren't enough in the RPGP. Do you think you have what it takes?"

RH: "I think so. I practice my fighting skills every day, and have a wide variety of different moves. I've also been in plenty of bar fights, brawls with military guys, and battles to the death with crazed henchmen. I think I can handle it."

JP: "Even against guys with swords, guns, and city-destroying magic powers?"

RH: "I'll give it my best shot."

JP: "And even against your potential anti-fans? I should warn you. A lot of people might object to your entry into the Playoffs because you seem more like a fighting character than a role playing character."

RH: "Well, there's not much I can do about that. But I think role playing is more than just about statistics and dice and things like that. It's just about being someone else for a while. If people can do that with my story, I think I have a valid place in the RPGP."

JP: "Well said. Good luck in the tournament."