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JP: "In the opening chapter, it says that you and Sephiroth have grown apart. Is this true?"

Jenova: "Yes."

JP: "Too bad. I was hoping you could give me the scoop on the next Perfect Solider film or something."

Jenova: "More accurately, my influence over him was lost after he was defeated and absorbed into the lifestream again."

JP: "Ah, the red sparkles make sense now."

Jenova: "I wasn't alive to see those 'sparkles', but I'll assume that was indeed me."

JP: "Sephiroth credits you for his inspiration to destroy the planet. Would you say that you were in fact the mastermind behind it all?"

Jenova: "In a way, yes. Like any true evil being, I exist only to destroy. Fortunately Sephiroth is so misanthropic that persuading him to cleanse the world of human life came quite easily. Though he now knows he was mistaken in thinking I was a true Cetra, he says clearly in the book that he has no regrets."

JP: "In any case, you were still able to turn a great hero into one of the greatest villains ever. How does that make you feel?"

Jenova: "Very proud. They say the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. To think that the cliche almost literally came true..."

JP: "Are you upset with Sephiroth for chopping off your head and carrying it around?"

Jenova: "Of course not. It wouldn't have been very sensible for him to carry my entire body around, would it?"

JP: "That makes sense. But I didn't think the sinister world-destroying manipulator would have an altruistic side."

Jenova: "Like he says in the book, Sephiroth loves his mother. While being an alien intelligence makes me incapable of that emotion, I could at least return the sentiment by inconveniencing him as little as possible."

JP: "Ah, I see. By the way, were there ever any custody battles with Lucretia?"

Jenova: "No, Lucretia didn't want him. Even at a young age he was a master of magic, and was constantly burning things down when he didn't get his way."

JP: "One last question about your past. You're often referred to as 'the crisis from the sky,' having arrived rather violently from outer space long ago. This got me thinking: Any relation to Lavos?"

Jenova: "None whatsoever. Our similarity of transportation is just a coincidence."

JP: "Then again, after the ball-punching disappointment that was Chrono Cross, you wouldn't admit it even if it were true, huh?"

Jenova: "Correct."

JP: "Well, If all goes well you may be seeing RPGP action fairly soon. Though you've got plenty of 'plot device power,' how do you think you'll fare against the newcomers and old fan favorites?"

Jenova: "Fairly well I believe. My mastery over magic goes without saying, and I have far more stamina than most of the contestants. Plus, I am capable of growing and evolving, meaning that my rank can only improve as the seasons go by."

JP: "Finally, who would you most like to face in the RPGP?"

Jenova: "Eve. There's only room enough for one metamorphosing female tentacle monster in this tournament, and it was my gimmick first. I wouldn't mind getting another shot against Cloud and his gang of misfits either."

JP: "Fair enough. Well, good luck in the Playoffs."