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JP: "Why don't you go build a new empire or something."

Zog: "Yeah, I guess I could do that..."

Myria: "Grrrr..."

JP: "Alright, he's gone. Now, I just want to get one thing straight before we continue. You are really evil, correct?"

Myria: "Of course. Do you think a nurturing, loving goddess would have horns, fangs, and tentacles in her true form?"

JP: "Yeah, that was a pretty strong clue. But what really tipped me off was that in the first episode you told Ryu, 'Let's be friends.' Only the most evil of women ever say that to a man."

Myria: "Ha ha ha..."

Ryu: "Still, a lot of people, especially the Guardians, believed you were a benevolent goddess."

Myria: "Yes. More importantly I almost got Ryu to believe it. How convenient it is that you mortals don't remember your past lives."

JP: "Are you sure it wasn't because you changed your name?"

Myria: "No, my name was always Myria. Zog and his cronies just read the legend wrong."

JP: "I was wondering if they in fact just called you Tyr because you cried a lot."

Myria: "That's a terrible pun. And my emotional problems are none of your concern."

JP: "Very well, let's get on with the standard questions. Why do you want to be in the RPGP?"

Myria: "Merely to show my strength. The RPGP has many boys claiming to be gods..."

JP: "But not enough little girls claiming to be goddesses?"

Myria: "Yes, that's--- Hey!!"

JP: "Well, what makes you the Goddess of Destruction, exactly?"

Myria: "I have the most powerful attack magic in my world, including status ailments, instant death, and life draining attacks. Plus, I have plenty of raw strength to back it up."

JP: "But no super-powerful ultimate attack?"

Myria: "Those are so passť."

JP: "I see. Well, who are you most looking forward to fighting, besides Ryu of course?"

Myria: "My estranged sister Deis. I am surprised she hasn't been included either, but I will wait for her to arrive rather than lower myself to fighting her walking suit of armor."

JP: "Alright. That's all for the interview. Good luck in the Playoffs."