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JP: "What do you think about the direction your clan has been going?"

Zog: "I am not pleased. Since my downfall, the Dark Dragons have been forced into the shadows and not allowed to do the evil we do best. We joined with our Light Dragon cousins, and a generation later we suffered greatly at the hands of Myria's guardians, simply because we were forbidden to fight back."

JP: "But it can be said that it was a Dark Dragon who founded another great empire later."

Zog: "Yes, this 'Fou-Lu.' But he too was defeated by the reincarnation of the same Light Dragon who toppled me."

JP: "History has a funny way of repeating itself."

Zog: "I see. But I don't see why the dragons started looking like whales, jellyfish, trees, and effeminate bird-things. Surely Fou-Lu knows what corrupted our species, and I will find out personally when I face him in the arena."

JP: "Speaking of which, do you think an old timer like you is up for competing in the RPGP?"

Zog: "Old timer!? My age and experience is nothing but an asset. I have the 'classic villain' power, which enables me to get away with lines like, 'Ha ha ha! You fools!' And so forth."

JP: "Ah, I see. Then you finish off your opponent with all two of your special attacks?"

Zog: "Two attacks is all I need!"

JP: "It didn't really work against Ryu, did it?"

Zog: "That battle was irrelevant. He used treachery!"

JP: "Actually he used the mighty 'D.Hrt.'"

Zog: "That's what I meant!"

JP: "You got your ass kicked by a song in a bottle."

Zog: "Stranger things have happened! And were you a dragon, it would kick your ass as well."

JP: "Fair enough."

Zog: "Besides, without that trick, my power rivals that of the goddess of destruction!"

JP: "Well, you certainly are obscenely huge in your dragon form, and have the stamina to match. But your attack power might not be up to par with the new generation."

Zog: "It doesn't matter! I will simply eat my opponents."

JP: "Isn't that rather... disgusting?"

Zog: "A true world leader must make sacrifices."

JP: "What happens if you transform back to human form after eating someone?"

Zog: "Indigestion, if anything."

JP: "I see."

Zog: "I am rather large as a human as well. If only I could unhinge my jaw, I could skip the transformation altogether."

JP: "You're freaking me out, so I'll go to my last question. Would you recommend any of your underlings for the RPGP?"

Zog: "Hmm, I would have to recommend Jade. He is untrustworthy and lacks any sort of personality, but he is powerful enough for the tournament."

JP: "Very well. Good luck in the RPGP."