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JP: "Fair enough. Let's get down to business then. First question: What's with the bizarre accent? Are you supposed to be German or something?"

SU: "That is not your koncern."

JP: "Also, why of all things were your last words to the SeeDs, 'Reflect on your childhood?'"

SU: "Most people hate their childhood. It was a last-ditch effort to distract them."

JP: "And another thing I never got was that whole time compression thing. I mean, other FF villains either had something to gain by destroying or taking over the world, or were just beings of pure evil. You don't fit into either category. What was in it for you?"

SU: "It was an impulse decision. Some women buy shoes. I kompress time."

JP: "You know, I always feel like there's not enough time in the day, or that days are getting shorter and shorter. Is that your handiwork?"

SU: "...That is klassified. Now kan we move on to kwestions regarding the Playoffs?"

JP: "Alright. What makes you a contender worthy of the acclaimed RPGP?"

SU: "I am the most powerful sorceress! My magic is without equal!"

JP: "That's funny-- Half of the Godlike weight class claims to have the most powerful magic in the world..."

SU: "Ha! But their spells are useless against me. I have by far the most HP of anyone in the RPGP!"

JP: "True... But just wait until the FFX bosses start showing up..."

SU: "I plan to secure the championship well before that."

JP: "Additionally, since other FF8 characters don't get to use their Guardian Forces, you won't be allowed to use Griever either."

SU: "It does not matter. My magic alone is sufficient to krush my foes. I shall enfeeble them with Maelstrom, sap their strength with Hell's Judgement, and eradicate them with Apocalypse! If they still survive, I shall finish them off with my ultimate spell, Great Attractor!"

JP: "Oh, you mean the requisite final boss spell that you supposedly have but no one has actually ever seen you cast?"

SU: "Ah, er, yes, that is the one."

JP: "Technically, you are a silver-haired baddie, so you should do fairly well regardless. By the way, why aren't you involved in their political party?"

SU: "I would join if I kould, but Kuja is adamantly opposed to having another woman around..."

JP: "I see. It must be tough to be the only female Final Fantasy boss, unless you count the Dark Cloud."

SU: "It is. But I will soon prove that I am better than any of my male peers!"

JP: "Well good for you. You deserve a spot in the RPGP, and I wish you luck."

The Sorceress Ultimecia