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Pikachu: "Pika pika, chu. Chu pika pika chu chu chu, pika."

JP: "What's he saying?"

Ash: "Uh, something like, 'My popularity has stagnated lately, interfering with my plans to conquer the world.'"

Pikachu: "Chu, chu pika pika, chu!"

Ash: "'So I plan to use the Playoffs as my vehicle to appeal to hardcore gamers in addition to my loyal base of adolescent worshipers.'"

JP: "Ah, it all makes sense now. Bu aren't you popular enough as it is? You're already hanging from nearly every teenage girl's backpack."

Pikachu: "Chu, chu... Pika chu pika. Pooh Kitty chu!"

Ash: "'This pleases me, but it is not enough. For example, the yellow bear and white cat are giving me competition. I will have to eliminate them.'"

JP: "I see. But how will you handle the stiff competition in the RPGP?"

Pikachu: "Chu..."

Ash: "'I have many evil powers not yet revealed to the world. I will crush all who oppose me, rout their followers, slaughter their families, and burn their cities to the ground.'"

JP: "You seem confident. But you must know that there are many who would stand against you, including some of the crowds who hold so much sway over the matches."

Pikachu: "Chu pika. Pika pika, chu. Pikachu!"

Ash: "'They are of no consequence. They shall witness my might and be overcome by my blackened soul. In time, they will learn to call me master.'"

JP: "If you say so. Do you plan to allow any of your fellow pokémon compete against or along side you?"

Pikachu: "Pika, chu chu pika pikachu."

Ash: "'If all goes according to plan, the RPGP will eventually be nothing BUT pokémon.'"

JP: "I see... Well, I had better wrap thus up. Any final comments?"

Pikachu: "Pika pikaaaa! Chu, pika chu chu chu, pika. Pika pika. Chu."

Ash: "'I am the devil. The young will bow down before me, and the old will be washed away in a torrent of their own blood. Know my wrath and tremble.'"

JP: "Uh, good for you. Good luck in... ah, whatever."

Innocent Pokémon...

Or Pokémenace To Society?

Pikachu: A true Forgotten Warrior, or Best Left Forgotten? I'll leave this one up to the readers to decide, but decide carefully. The fate of our beloved weekly interactive RPG tournament may fall to a truly sinister force...