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Blue: "First of all, I'm the only person in my world able to use and master every type of magic. I had to kill my twin brother for this ability, so it is of great importance to me."

JP: "I thought magic was usually the domain of mystics, not humans."

Blue: "Usually, yes. But I, as a human, have higher potential than any of them in the magical arts. When I defeated Rouge, I absorbed all his power, making me twice as strong as most any other magic user."

JP: "Interesting. I bet you yelled out, 'There can be only one!'"

Blue: "Uh, no. But I can use a sword fairly well."

JP: "Sounds like you could do pretty well in the Playoffs. But, the competition is fierce."

Blue: "I have no reason to worry. I am also 'yaoi,' and everyone knows that handsome long-haired magic-weilders dominate the RPGP."

JP: "I hate to break it to you, but that only works for villains. Even then, there are a lot of fans who hate such competitors with a passion."

Blue: "$@^%."

JP: "If you get into the Playoffs, you would be the first SaGa character to do so. The fans probably have no idea what to expect from your abilities; care to give us a run-down?"

Blue: "As a master of all circles of magic, I can do anything from healing to stopping time to inflicting huge amounts of damage."

JP: "So I've heard. But most of it is group-oriented, right? I know that SaGa characters don't have the best stats or defense in the world, and if you're not careful you can get slaughtered by normal enemies."

Blue: "That's true, unfortunately... But like I said, I'm unique. I am used to one-on-one fights, and while most of my magic does work better in combinations with a full party, I have ways to kill any one enemy I face without fail."

JP: "And how exactly do you do that?"

Blue: "Since it's unstoppable, I might as well tell you. I just cast Overdrive, Shadow Servant, Stasis Rune, and Tower. In this way I can cast the most powerful attack spell in my world ten times in a row for barely any JP cost. The end result is damage equal to that of the famed Omnislash or Lionheart attacks of those two unsophisticated RPGP golden boys."

JP: "Ouch. That combo could make you a contender for Godlike."

Blue: "That's what I'm hoping."

JP: "Well, good luck making a name for yourself in the RPGP."