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JP: "So why come to compete in the Playoffs?"

RL: "I heard a lot of adventurers come to test their skills. Since I have plenty of free time at present, I thought I would give it a shot as well. While some of the contestants I've spoke with say it's nothing more than a popularity contest, I am determined to see how far I can get regardless."

JP: "And you've been waiting in line all this time?"

RL: "Unfortunately. I saw a few others from my world at the application desk as well. They seem to be in the same predicament."

JP: "Why do you think you deserve a place in the RPGP?"

RL: "Well, I've been told I'm an excellent swordsman like my ancestor and have a keen analytical mind. In addition to that I have a very large range of offensive and healing techniques, most of which are the most powerful ever developed by Algolians."

JP: "What's your equipment of choice?"

RL: "Laconia armor, Guardaboots, the Nei Helmet, and the Nei Sword. The sword is my most valued possession, given to me by the Esper Lutz. The light it emits can eradicate evil, and it even has teleportational abilities."

JP: "A very impressive arsenal. But many contestants have a trademark skill or ability that gives them an edge in the RPGP. How about you?"

RL: "That would be Megid. It's a forbidden technique that focuses the user's emotions into a large explosion, tearing matter apart at the molecular level. No enemy I have ever encountered, except for the last two I faced, could survive even one casting of Megid."

JP: "Ouch. But there must be a catch..."

RL: "Correct. I can only use it a few times due to the enormous energy requirements, and the explosion damages everyone around me, draining half of my comrades' health."

JP: "Since all RPGP matches are one on one, you won't have to worry about that."

RL: "Well, it appears that I won't have much trouble in the RPGP then."

JP: "Heh, I suppose not. But one last question: what do you think of PSO?"

RL: "Hmmm. It is nice to have one's universe finally gets some press, but I have a bad feeling about it. For instance, the Pioneer ships look nothing like the worldships that took off from Palma, and my contacts tell me that there are an awful lot of people there that know absolutely nothing about Algol. And furthermore, where did all those genetic constructs and combat droids come from? I am beginning to believe it is some sort of conspiracy concocted by Mother Brain."

JP: "...Indeed."