How Tell Me, Yes - Professor Bordam Daravon

Dear Professor Daravon,
A friend of a friend of a friend's dog told me that you were a real answer man, so I thought I'd drop you a line. I'm looking for some really great business opportunities - like maybe a pyramid scheme or a system for winning at casinos? Pretty much anything that doesn't involve any real work is fine. I'll even give you a cut, once I've covered all of my expenses. Oh, yeah, and it can't take a whole lot of capital to get it started, because I'm not exactly rich, you know.
Your pal,

Daravon Question
Daravon Answer
Mr. Honda Are,
Advising for you impossible is! Spending to make money money you have, yes? This's the way! Finding HotStone would helping you out be little bit, but not much keeping money will you be, we are thinking long. Not profiting from this am I, so cut refused will have being to. If finding chest, Hondara opened the chest with faith, and inside was... there were big bags of gil in there!
Wishing help more could being,
Professing Daravon