How Tell Me, Yes - Professor Bordam Daravon

Dear Professor Daravon,
Your fame as an imparter of knowledge has reached the lowest regions of the worlds, and I am honored to ask your advice in this matter. I'm a high-ranking officer, but I've recently begun to question the ethical superiority of my country's position. The fact that we proudly call ourselves "the Evil World" is what first tipped me off. On the other hand, I can't turn my back on my oath of fealty, and resigning doesn't seem like a likely option... how can I get out of this bind?
Confusedly Yours,
General Odd Eye

Daravon Question
Daravon Answer
Eye're Odd Persona,
Questions tough you are asking. Ivalician to treachery go always, so not used to situation dealing with are I. But asking advice of good pal Orlandu Cid were we, off course! Saying was he maybe launch attack on rival deity, so's you beaten being will be, but big time! With adventurers be travelling you, for great justice. Then go backing will be good thought, not lasting long be you, though!
Helping always ready for,
Bordam Daravon are Professor