How Tell Me, Yes - Professor Bordam Daravon

To whom it may concern,
First, I would like to say that as a fellow academic, I have always admired your phenomenal achievements in whatever field it is that you have made achievements in. Anyway, I'm hoping that you can help me with this little problem I have - you see, I am completely enthralled with love (and more than a bit of lust!) for a Goddess, but I am only a persecuted, unfortunate graduate student who was kicked out for perfectly reasonable necromantic experiments! If you have a shred of intellectual integrity, you will help me out here, and if not... well, you'll get what's coming to you!
Dr. (sort of) Lezard Valeth

Daravon Question
Daravon Answer
Valis being Rezard,
Philosopher's Stones finding be will you, for great justice! This's the way ladies' hearts to! Romance for tough is you, off course, so Homunculi creating meantime in will you be, maybe, if desperate are you. Goddesses to death of party member coming will be, so meeting you can get - but dates' a not sure! Watching out be, or Orb's a Dragon two death will you be, so knowledge are power! Also, in secret dungeon being will you, to meet woman of dreams you're!
Helping this hopes,
Professor Bordam Daravon