How Tell Me, Yes - Professor Bordam Daravon

Dear Professor Daravon,
A monstrous entity from space took over my mother's mind, destroyed my homeland, and inflicted some unknown but no doubt hideous fate on my beloved sister. And what's even worse, I've lost my cat! I ask you to draw upon your wisdom: where and how can I gain the power strong enough to rid the world of this interplanetary freak?
Your fan,
Prince Janus Zeal

Daravon Question
Daravon Answer
Royal Person Janus,
Problems discovered will be in actions you'll taking, yes? Worrier not, this's the way am I telling you! Magic powers having are you, so job class of Dark Mage you will be taking! Scythe's the way, off course. Lots of power to be gained by Mystics manipulating you can, so finding them priority is top. For great justice, Masamune you'll be finding! But frogs are knights turning into on way.
individual's Truly,
Professor Bordam Daravon