How Tell Me, Yes - Professor Bordam Daravon

Dear Professor Daravon,
I am in the uncomfortable position of being subservient to my social lessers. Although I am clearly the most talented and capable Admiral of the Armada, I am forced by ridiculous rules of seniority to bend knee to a wildly incompetent and unpleasant Grand Admiral. Just because he fought his way up from a Captaincy to assume command of the most powerful navy in the world doesn't mean I'm not better than him! The trouble is, I need help proving my superiority. I expect a prompt response.
Gracing you with his words,

Daravon Question
Daravon Answer
Alfonso personage,
Difficulty are being encountered in advancement - but Ivalician are I, and know this's the way! Treachery working would be, to eliminate superiors in way, told friend mine of King Delita was I by. But not easy if fighters with other are, so waiting be idea good. Treason accused will be good idea, but right time at right place be crucial to yours' victory! Back watching are you, yes? Elimination possible if discreet you aren't. Hoping aid was rendered, yes.
Self being me,
Professor Bordam Daravon