Emperor Cain Through the Ages

Emperor Cain through the Ages is reproduced here with the permission of the Solaris Imperial Appreciation Institute, and is comprised of a series of lectures left by Emperor Cain for his numerous progeny, to be shown in the event of his death.
All dates are listed in Cain Era (CE), since, after all, Emperor Cain doesn't have much to say about anything before it!
Thanks to Institute Director MrsYuiRicdeau@aol.com for concept and images!

CE 6502 - Emperor Cain On the Hunt

Emperor Cain On the HuntIn this picture, I am shown leading my faithful retainers on a hunt. It's hard to say from the picture what exactly we were hunting. It could have been lots of things... griffons, Chu-Chus, perhaps an errant Contact. Such outings were popular sport in Solaris during this period, and of course it was I who set the trend in the first place.

Originally, I would go out hunting alone, and the sort of quarry I was looking for was a bit different - not to mention a great deal happier to get caught! Unfortunately, the practice started to catch on with others, and it lost something in the translation. I'm sure the Gazel Ministry first came up with the idea of hunting animals... frankly, those twelve always were a bit strange.

In any case, there was a particular sort of thrill to this kind of hunt as well. A few hundred years later, we'd really perfected the art, and used specially trained men and dogs, and wore those stylish red riding outfits. At the time, though, we just took some of the servants and hounds along. Actually, it was more challenging back then.

Animals don't seem particularly fond of me, really. For some reason, they would always jump out of the way at the most inconvenient times, usually so some talentless flunky could hit them. I never got a very good catch on these outings, at least not until the 6880s, when I began using an assault rifle.

There were certain benefits to the outings, though. I've always found that a little fresh air really does wonders for the constitution, and I doubt that I would have been so well-fortified by good health these past 10,000 years if it were not for good hunting expeditions. And good health is absolutely crucial for someone in my position - coming back to the palace sick all the time is no way to do duty as Father of Mankind, believe me!