Emperor Cain Through the Ages

Emperor Cain through the Ages is reproduced here with the permission of the Solaris Imperial Appreciation Institute, and is comprised of a series of lectures left by Emperor Cain for his numerous progeny, to be shown in the event of his death.
All dates are listed in Cain Era (CE), since, after all, Emperor Cain doesn't have much to say about anything before it!
Thanks to Institute Director MrsYuiRicdeau@aol.com for concept and images!

CE 5623 - Conquest of Elru

Conquistador Cain Conquers ElruThis portrait was painted by a court artist during my first expedition to the Elru region. As you can see from my impressive armor, I was really living large! Of course, the conquest of Elru certainly wasn't all fun and games, as you'll see!

I'd just finished putting down a rebellion or some such back in Solarian territory, and I was looking for a new challenge. Militarily speaking, I mean. Needless to say, as Father of Mankind and a cool dude to boot, I've never had many challenges when it comes to the ladies!

Technically speaking, I wasn't actually present when the first Solarians arrived in Elru. One of the Gazel Ministry led that expedition, and the next several dozen, too. In fact, the region was thoroughly pacified by the time I first was able to break away from my busy schedule to pay a visit. Frankly, I don't know why I wore that armor. Even if it were dangerous, only -Cain- can kill -Cain-, you know?

That isn't to say that it wasn't a difficult time, though. Elru society had developed apart for several millennia while I was busy elsewhere, and of course Miang insisted that I do this and that to bring them into the fold. Really, I don't know why she bothered. The important part of my Deus-given mission had nothing to do with leading, after all. At least, that's how I've always seen it.

No, you can rest assured that I went about doing my duty as Father of Mankind with the utmost dedication in those troubled times, and by the end of the century, was I ever exhausted!