Understanding the Biotechnology Revolution by Erich van Houten Erich van Houten, former director of the Sacred Empire of Solaris' worlds'-renowned Soylent System, and a leading figure in the field of biotechnology management, has produced the definitive answer to the tough questions about the biotechnology revolution!

This still-astonishing work, originally commissioned by the Solaris Department of Public Opinion and in its sixth reprint, continues to set the tone for bioethics, biobusiness and even biobusiness ethics. Erich's insightful understanding of the necessary compromises inherent in a system like Solaris' has moved the field in new and important directions since its introduction, opening new doorways to research that would have been greeted with severe intestinal discomfort a mere generation before!

Embracing the exciting frontier of biotechnology is almost impossible without this newly revised and updated edition of the original classic, posthumously published with a new forward on biomagic research by Dr. Lezard Valeth of the ValethCo Biomagical Corporation and General Gallarno of the Romalia Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration.

Order while supplies, and your ability to absorb information through the printed word, last!