Lezard Valeth and the Prisoner of Azkaban by Lucca K. Ashtear Boy wizard Lezard Valeth's return to his beloved magical academy of Flenceburg is only the beginning of his latest, greatest, sure-to-be-best-selling adventure yet!

A third year of magical training may not be enough to prepare Lezard for his next great challenge. He returns to the academy with high hopes that he won't have more near-death experiences. But he soon comes into danger when an escaped criminal/sorceror, said to be the heir-apparent to the Dark Lord Ghaleon himself, threatens his well-being!

The drama is heightened by the possibility that someone Lezard thinks is a friend, may just be siding with his deadly enemies!

Will the intrepid young mage overcome all obstacles? Only by purchasing L. K. Ashtear's latest novel, available now for a mere 1200 gil, will you be able to see for yourself!