Collector's Guide to Materia by Yuffie Kinsaragi

Have YOU ever wanted to learn the innermost secrets of Materia collecting? This exciting hobby is now open to the public for the first time, courtesty of one of its most enthusiastic participants, top Wutai Materia Hunter Yuffie Kinsaragi!

From cover to cover, you'll learn all the exclusive secrets that make a top-flight collector stand out from the pack, both in gathering and mastering your prize Materia! These special tricks are available nowhere else!

Find out how to master Enemy-All Materia for a quick sale - the right enemies to fight, and the right price to sell at. Then, learn to leverage this newfound buying power into more useful (and less common) Materia deals!

Discover which rare Materia are currently considered the absolute top prizes in the highly competitive collecting field! Chances are, they aren't the ones you'd think... and you may already have them!

Whether your interest in Materia is casual, life-or-death or professional, you'll find everything you need to know in The Collector's Guide to Materia by Yuffie Kinsaragi... a real steal at just 5 Command Materia or 10,000 gil per copy!